Is this Trump’s New Age Doctor Network?

In a much-discussed video, Hugo Talks calls several doctors, mostly American, who are against the covid jab, ‘controlled opposition’. Because they appear on each other’s talk shows, in new-age-style groups, and at pro-Trump gatherings (even though Trump is a vaccine promoter), Hugo says, there are reasons for suspicion.

Are these doctors and advocates all connected to the New Age movement? Could they be deceiving us and leading us to a One World (pseudo) Religion, which is satanic at its core?

It’s hard to imagine that all of them are deliberately misleading us. But what is the truth? Hugo Talks’ video is certainly a reminder that we should be alert at all times.

Watch this video and think for yourself. If you want to dig deeper, do your own research. If you come across anything important that you find worth sharing, let us know.

How can you find the truth? By (re-)searching, by not following anyone blindly, by picking out what you find right and leaving the rest. Always listen carefully to your own conscience!

Comment by a reader:

Hugo is totally wrong. He bases almost his entire video on the idea that the Reawaken America rallies are Trump rallies. They are not. But Hugo makes that assertion over and over.

The Reawaken America tours are about solidarity and promoting health freedom and freedom of speech. Not everyone who attends is a Trump supporter, and even if they were, many Trump supporters are very vocal in criticizing the ex-President on his vaccine stance.

As for the doctors and podcasters knowing each other, that’s because the people who speak the truth and speak out against Big Pharma have found each other as a sort of tribe. It’s not because they’re all in a Masonic lodge together or other such nonsense.

I submitted a comment to Hugo correcting him on his mistakes, but he didn’t put it online. I wonder why?

More readers’ comments sent to the White Rose UK:

Open your eyes. Do you really believe that all those doctors and people are control opposition?
Not me.
Do your testing. Hugo looks to me like a CIA agent.
It is the first time that I see something like that in your News message. This is not good because most people don’t have time to research and this will create a doubt in their heads. Divide and conquer is the strategy of the cabal.
Trump is a traitor. I don’t have time to write more for now.
Thank you.

I want to respond to the Hugo Talks article which I think is very dangerous.
We are a minority, all be it a vocal and determined one, facing the vast resources of the media, Big Pharma and the WHO among others.
Isn’t it madness to sow divisions among the Resistance without any real factual evidence?
Isn’t Hugo doing their job for them by slandering some of the most consistent and compassionate campaigners for health freedom in the World?
Should we not be questioning both this motives and his legitimacy?
I wonder if this is more about Hugo seeking attention and producing clickbait intended to raise his own profile than with real concerns.
Campaigners like Dr Tenpenny, Del Bigtree and Mr Kennedy can only succeed by working in solidarity with each other as there are so many attempts to deplatform and silence them.
Are we all to be called Satanists and shills because we gather together in Freedom Hubs with like-minded people who are often closer to us than our own families?
Hugo is making unwarranted, fact free, personal attacks on people of compassion and integrity who have done more than anyone to inform the public, promote freedom of choice and informed consent and to give the victims of vaccine injury a voice. So I think I am entitled to ask: Is he controlled opposition?
Please tell me why you are giving such divisive and destructive views a platform without putting it into the context of all the years of research, campaigning and positive action by his victims?
Are you planning to publish an article giving some balance and please will you publish my email?
Kind regards