Chinese Street Surveillance – It’s High Time To Ditch the Smartphone!

Not only is the Track and Trace NHS app the reason for a case- and pingdemic – where people are forced to isolate for no good reasons – smartphones are also the tool for the vaccine pass, and furthermore, a social credit system that puts an end to privacy, justice and freedom.

Everyone should now realise that the smartphone has developed into a tool for maximum control, its purpose is not for our benefit anymore.

Please ditch your smartphone as part of the resistance. Use an old school mobile phone or the good old landline instead.

Chinese street surveillance and face recognition. Could this be one of the reasons we were trained to stay 1 m apart from each other?

Daily Expose: The Vaccine Passport – A one way ticket to Communistic Tyranny

In basic terms, this is an app which gives you a Green, Amber or Red light. A Green light means you are not infected with Coronavirus, an Amber light means your status needs updating, and a Red light means you are in quarantine and/or infected. (…)

In the UK, the passport is already being proposed to gain entrance to sporting events, ‘public services’ i.e. transport, and offices. Airlines around the world are proposing Health Passports as a requirement to fly.

Let’s look at how it is currently being used in China — the prototype not only of the rest of the world’s Lockdown, but also for Track & Trace Surveillance and the Traffic Light Health Passport. In regions in China, it is currently not possible to use public transport or enter any office or shop, including supermarkets and pharmacies without showing a green light status. There are local roadblocks marking the boundaries of neighbourhoods and districts which require drivers to present their pass. (…)

What this long term planning for health scoring indicates, is a seamless merging of health status with the existing social credit scoring system. Citizens in China have a social credit status based on their purchase habits, financial record, and social behaviour. Good behaviour earns points and bad behaviour knocks points off. (…)

Examples of good behaviour:

paying off debts
paying bills on time
reporting other people’s behaviour
giving blood
donating to charity
visiting parents

Examples of bad behaviour:

Bad driving
Smoking on trains
Buying too many video games, junk food, and alcohol
Calling a friend who has a low credit score
Having a friend online who has a low credit score
Posting “fake news” online
Visiting unauthorised websites
Walking your dog without a leash
Letting your dog bark too much

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