Jam for Freedom

By Roy R M McIntosh

On the 19th of December 2020, when most people would be thinking of Christmas and watching, listening and reading every bit of MSM propaganda, (I should add paid by public and in some cases, Gates’ money), a gentleman by the name of Cambel McLaughlin was sitting in a barber’s chair, getting tidied up for the visit of Santa, when he heard the news of more restrictions coming from Boris.

Now I do not really know Cambel, so I have no idea how the air was in the barber’s shop. Maybe the barber made it a darker blue? I have not heard how the atmosphere was in the barber’s shop, but it triggered the brainchild idea in Cambel’s head. Do something about it, man!

So, on the 20th of December 2020 Cambel, being a musician, put his brainchild idea into action and took himself to Hampstead Heath armed with drums and sound system of some sorts and started Jam for Freedom.

As for myself I became aware of Jam for Freedom when I was told by friends that a band had visited the Meadows, Edinburgh and played in the park. People never knew about them, and it just coincided with people that met on the meadows who are against lockdowns and want freedom!

I was not there, but friendships were made and Jam for Freedom have made a number of return visits to Scotland against all the odds. I have been fortunate enough to meet them, and they even gave this auld pensioner a wee slot to do a couple of songs!

Must tell you about George Sq, Glasgow. Jam for Freedom were playing at one of the protests in Glasgow and I was allowed to do a few songs. First thing that happened is one of my hearing aids played up and not sure why, maybe nerves? But my two front false teeth started clattering about in my mouth so the only thing I could do was excuse myself and take the ‘wallies oot’! My ‘wallies’ got a round of applause ha, ha, ha!

Not sure of the long term aims for Jam for Freedom, but it may be Cambel’s path in life, and it has caught on in other countries. Maybe a record label in the future?

On a personal note, I am going to carry the banner, even if a small banner for Jam for Feedom in Scotland and hope to kick that off in the Himalaya Cafe, Edinburgh on the 16th of February 2022.

I do not envisage any huge events, as I do not have the energy of 40 years ago and rely on my bicycle and bus for transport. I think I am on kind of same thinking as Jam for Freedom and just want to try and help people for the future!

Manchester highlights – Unite the North Rally (Jam for Freedom/YT):

Visit the Jam for Freedom Homepage: https://jamforfreedom.com/

Upcoming Jams:

11 Feb: Dublin, Ireland, Market Street, 5pm-7pm, free
12 Feb: Plymouth, England, The Sundial, Plymouth, PL1- 1PM, free
12 Feb: Perth, Australia, Supreme Court Gardens, 3pm AWST, free
13 Feb: Stroud, England, Stratford Park Stroud GL5 4AJ (bandstand), 11am, free
13 Feb: Malvern, England, (fundraiser show with Lukas Lion and featured artists) Red Lion, WR13 5NN, 5pm till late, buy Ticket
16 Feb: Edinburgh, Scotland, Himalaya Cafe, Clerk St, EH8 9PR- 2PM, free
20 Feb: St Albans, England, Verulamium Park, 10am meet, 11.30 music, free
26 Feb: Liverpool, England, St John’s Gardens, 12.30pm, free