Jewish Scientists Stand with Andrew Bridgen MP

A group of Jewish medical scientists have composed a letter in defence of Andrew Bridgen MP after his suspension.

“In the UK alone, since the roll-out of the BioNTech-Pfizer mRNA vaccine, there have been almost half a million Yellow Card reports of adverse events from the public. This is more than all the yellow card reports for all medications for the past 40 years combined.”

“Mr. Bridgen tweeted that ‘one consultant cardiologist said to me this [the vaccine roll-out] is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.”

“Aside from the fact that Mr Briden was clearly reporting the words of someone else, the word ‘since’ does not in any case imply equivalence to the events of the Holocaust; for that and other reasons the tweet is not antisemitic.”

Read the full letter:

A statement by Andrew Bridgen MP (Andrew Bridgen MP/YT):

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