Serious Challenges To Covid Restrictions Mount In the US

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:21 – UK Approves Novavax

05:07 – Johns Hopkins Find No Beneficial Effect From Lockdowns

10:52 – Serious Challenges To COVID Restrictions Mount In the US

16:14 – Ten Year War On Cancer?

21:21 – The Canadian Truckers Inspire A Worldwide Movement

37:13 – Collapsing Sports Stars Spun By The MSM As Nothing To See Here

40:43 – Energy Price Cap Increased

45:10 – Bank of England Fairy Dust In A Made Up World

47:56 – Ukraine, Russia and China – Cyber Accusations and False Flag False Flags

01:01:33 – Return of the White Helmets

01:07:25 – The UK Space Defence Strategy

01:13:39 – Belarus

01:15:54 – BLM Face Questions Over Ghost Fund

01:17:41 – Guess Who Wants to Blot Out the Sun?

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