Angry Responses to Plan B

The shift to the coronavirus Plan B is an attempt to “buy time” to avoid the threat of a million Omicron infections by the end of the year, Sajid Javid said as he fought back against Tory anger over the measures.

The Health Secretary defended the sudden shift in the Government’s approach to tackling the virus in England, with an extension of mask-wearing from Friday, a return to working from home on Monday and mandatory Covid passports for large venues from Wednesday.

But Julia Hartley Brewer warns Plan B is the start of something more sinister: “Let’s be honest. When you’re announcing major restrictions on people’s lives and businesses, without any scientific evidence or proper Cabinet discussion, we know we’re heading in a very dangerous, scary direction.” (talkRadio/YT)

A comment sent to us by a reader:

With all the crazy rules and now cocaine and traces of other drugs found in the House of Commons, are we seeing our country run by drug-fuelled crazy MPs? What is going on at present can only be the actions of people who are out of their minds on something!

It’s time people woke up to reality, instead they are somehow being hypnotized into believing all this garbage.

Remember how at the start it was just three weeks to beat the virus, then just one  jab which turned into three, now it’s jabbing every year.

Again, like last year a new variant comes along, just in time for Christmas. Coincidence? No, it’s planned. Yet the number of people who still believe in this virus bewilders me. I now see children as young as five years old in masks.

Maybe people should turn off the BBC and stop buying newspapers. The longer people swallow all this garbage, the longer it will go on STOP NOW and reclaim your life or lose it forever.


Patrick Christys: ‘I miss the days when Plan B was just a rapper, now it’s going to be a reality’ (GBNews/YT)