The Killing of Sir David Amess – What Was the Motive?

On 15 March 2021 a Vaccine Passports Debate was held by the British Parliament under the Chairmanship of MP David Amess. His fellow conservative participants expressed opposition to the vaccine passports and gratitude to Chairman Amess for overseeing the debate: Vaccine Passports, Wesminster Hall

David Amess was a devout Catholic who publicly stood to his faith. David’s main interests and areas of expertise were animal welfare and pro-life issues.

A few of his calls for debate in recent months:

Sir David calls for patients and their families to be consulted before giving do not resuscitate orders
Sir David calls for all GPs to offer face-to-face appointments
Sir David calls for support to tackle loneliness

David Amess was stabbed at an open advice surgery for his constituents in Essex, on 15 October 2021.

Unanswered questions: What would be the motive of a single British/Somalian Muslim? Who was behind it – was it really an Islamic terrorist attack? Or could the ‘Islamic terrorist’ label be a major distraction for the public (so that people don’t suspect otherwise and focus instead on whether accepting refugees is good or bad)? Could another group have organised the assassination? Did David Amess have political enemies/was he a ‘threat’ politically? Did he know too much? Was he to be ‘removed’?


Speech by David Amess in 2013: Religion Helps Society (Oxford Union)