Klaus Schwab to Step Down as Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab will reportedly step down as the executive chairman of the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF).

According to Semafor, which cites an internal email to WEF staff, Schwab intends to step down from his current position as head of the powerful globalist organization before its next annual meeting in 2025 and transition to a role as non-executive chairman.

While Schwab has not announced his successor, Semafor names Norwegian politician and current president of the WEF, Børge Brende, as a likely candidate.

Schwab, who turned 86 in March, has been synonymous with the World Economic Forum, acting as chairman since he founded the organization in 1971. The WEF’s annual meeting in the small mountain town of Davos, Switzerland, attracts dozens of the world’s most powerful people each year, including CEOs of the largest corporations and foundations and many heads of state.

Despite officially being a non-profit organization, the WEF is exceptionally wealthy. Last year, it made nearly $500 million in revenue and had 200 million Swiss Francs in cash. Schwab became well-known worldwide during the COVID crisis in 2020 when he called for a Great Reset, a globalist plan to reshape the world. He is a proponent of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, a technocratic, transhumanist agenda that includes genetically editing human beings and merging humans with computers. Read the full article here.


Klaus Schwab resigns From World Economic Forum (Mahyar Tousi/YT):

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