Large groups of Protesters Chased and Harassed by Police

On Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered near Marble Arch protesting loudly against totalitarian CV19 restrictions and lockdowns.

Police was present in large. Dozens of police vans were driving around the city centre, hunting for protesters. Police on foot were splitting up groups, harassing and arresting people. Like in a cat and mouse chase, the protesters were scattered all over the city centre whilst trying to gather in a new location. The protest was meant to begin at Kings Cross, but police made it impossible for anyone to gather there. Later the venue changed to Angels, then Marble Arch and Hyde Park Speakers Corner.

Police have been stopping people on the streets and telling them to go home. Many peaceful protesters were arrested simply for standing up for freedom. One member of The White Rose was also arrested, along with several others, while she happened to be strolling behind a group of marching protesters. They were taken in custody and kept there until evening. The police confiscated protest material from her. Police also issued fines.

In several cases police were brutally bringing protesters down to the ground, hurting them, harassing and violating their basic rights. This is pure fascism, and the UK has become a police state.

We would like to thank you all for your support and for your generous donations! We will not give up the fight for our basic right of freedom.