Letter to Head of School

A reader writes: This might help anyone who wishes to inform a headteacher of the facts regarding the risks of this nightmare senario. You can copy and edit it to suit, or just send as is.

Dear Headteacher

I feel it is my duty to inform you of the verifiable facts regarding the Covid-19 Vaccination rollout targeted at your pupils, in advance of any government announcements to give you time to research the truth and see what the real evidence is for yourself. Please do not dismiss this vital information as conspiracy theory. You and all of your staff have a legal and moral obligation to protect your pupils from all harm whilst in your care and under your authority.

You cannot divest yourself of responsibility if this is happening on your premises regardless of who is administering the vaccine!

Please carefully read and qualify the following information. This information is based on high quality verifiable scientific evidence from the most respected scientists in their fields. Please see all sources and documents attached. For the good of your pupils’ health and your own please avoid fact checked websites as their information is compromised as a direct result of monetary influence and blatant conflict of interests that are undeclared.

“Fact Checked” websites conveniently placed at the top of search results to misinform people who will not look any deeper than the headline presented. I find if I search a subject and it is “Fact Checked” and other searches on the same subject are also marked as page not found repeatedly on multiple articles then I have to conclude that the subject is being deliberately buried, and it is therefore likely the truth, so I continue until I find the hidden factual information. This situation is far too important to do a little research as children will undoubtedly suffer life long-term harm and many will be killed from these vaccines as my in-depth research has sadly shown.

Covid itself has been acknowledged by the WHO to be no more virulent than the seasonal flu.

Children – ages 0 to 19 have a 99.97% survival rate when infected with Covid. The JCVI – do not recommend rolling out the vaccine for children. So this rollout is purely politically motivated. Children have a natural immune system far superior to any vaccine produced by pharma.

In the UK alone there have been 1617 reported deaths from the vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca) and 1,193,543 injuries reported to the yellow card scheme. These are typically less than 1% of deaths and injuries, so the real figure is likely to be nearer 161,700 deaths and 119,354,300 injures at present (the most respected professors, doctors, virologists, and scientists have stated that they do not expect the vaccinated to live more than two or three years – see list provided). This information clearly shows more deaths resulted from the vaccines than Covid-19 as the overall death-toll is 135,803 which has been enormously exaggerated by use of the PCR test purposely to cause fear and manipulate the public. There have been vast numbers of reports from Doctors and Nurses who have spoken of coercion and threats used to intimidate them in to not reporting the deaths and injuries of their patients due to the vaccine. The government/NHS do not count the deaths that occur shortly after receiving the first vaccine as they deem the recipient unvaccinated. They also no not count any deaths following the second vaccine up to two weeks after, the recipient is also not considered vaccinated by this point. The obvious vaccine deaths are completely disregarded and are erroneously counted as Covid-19 deaths to amplify the fear factor.

There has not been sufficient mention of any Covid vaccine deaths in the mainstream media despite the obvious fact that there have been thousands of vaccine deaths.
This pandemic was manufactured using the PCR test which was never intended to be used to diagnose illness according to its inventor Dr Kary Mullis. The test relies on sample magnification (cycle thresholds or CTs). The governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) colluded to create fear by setting the CT at 38 to 45 cycles this produced a rate of 99 to 100% false positive tests that they continue to refer to as CASES. This gave governments worldwide erroneous power to lockdown whole country’s, ruin businesses and bring in social control laws the envy of the Communist Chinese Party. The PCR test should be run at a CT of 24 or under for accuracy, the test was invented to assist in diagnosis not as the sole basis of diagnosing a virus and shutting down the whole planet.

There are 5 deaths to every 1 life saved when relying solely on vaccination against Covid. This Fact was admitted by the FDA recently.

The vaccine companies have been granted legal exemption from revealing all of the vaccines ingredients. They have also been legally shielded from all legal compensation claims. Anyone harmed or killed due to the vaccine will not be compensated by these companies. Compensation available through the governments compensation scheme rarely pays out. This situation is unprecedented, it shields these companies from accountability and scrutiny. This does not incentivise them to ensure their products are safe and fit for purpose.

La Quinta Columna University has identified Graphene Oxide nanoparticles as the main ingredient of Moderna, Pfizer and Astra Zenica vaccines in all of the 100 vials they sampled. This fact was confirmed by Karen Kingston a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. She presented indisputable documentation when interviewed by Stew Peters, she stated this fact was hidden under a trade secret. The graphene oxide is coated in a lipid nanoparticle to facilitate gene delivery. Japan has recently rejected 2.6 Million doses due to “unusual magnetic properties of the vaccines.” Graphene oxide has been exploited to kill ovarian cancer, as it is phytotoxic and accumulates in soft tissue, bone and blood.

Other leaked ingredients:

  • Millions of sharp edged metal shards
  • Aborted fetal cells – it is claimed the “cell lines” are from a fetus from the 1970, they are not. They are taken from the living unborn. They are not needed to crate a vaccine.
  • Typansoma a deadly parasite which causes HIV (thousands of these in one drop).
  • Synthetic MRNA which does in fact alter the recipients DNA – this is irreversible.
  • PEG (polyethylene glycol)
  • Hydrogel
  • Unidentified particles lighting up and move when thawed/are at room temp. Described as looking like a nano-chip.


The Government stated: As of 19 March 2020, Covid-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The WHO changed the definition of pandemic in advance of this situation to allow a global health dictatorship. The dictionary definition of vaccine was changed after the Covid-19 vaccines were introduced, and it was discovered they do not necessarily “prevent disease” or “provide immunity,” CDC altered the definition of vaccines again to say that they merely “produce protection.”

Covid has never been shown under electron microcopy, it has never been isolated despite its alleged rampage throughout the world. It exists purely as a theoretical digital virus. No sample of it has ever been presented for study anywhere in the world despite a group or European scientists offering 1 million euros for an isolated sample. The symptoms of Covid-19 bear a striking similarity to Graphene oxide poisoning.

Unvaccinated patients now admitted to hospital are tested using a CT of 38 to 45 cycles when compared with the fully vaccinated who are tested at a vastly lower level and often not at all. This is done so they can create fear and panic by claiming they have beds full of deathly sick unvaccinated patients with very few vaccinated patients taking up beds. Contrary to what we are told its the fully vaccinated that are the vast majority in hospitals, because they are suffering the effects of the shot on their blood. There are hundreds of thousands of Doctors and Nurses now refusing to take the vaccines as they have seen the devastating harm and huge amounts of needless deaths first hand. You will not find this information in mainstream media as the truth is being suppressed. I will include a list of alternative independent media sites where you can verify these comments.

As you will see from my graph using the Scottish governments own figures we must have been experiencing a pandemic in the following years: 1976, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1993 and to a lesser degree 2020 to date. The figures are set to explode during flu season due to Antibody Enhancement Dependency as warned about by many respected Professors of virology such as Dr Geert Vanden Bossche and Prof Luc Montangnier among many others shouting about this. What we are not told about the vaccine trials is that all the animal test subjects died due to AED when they encountered a “wild virus”. The result is chronic systemic inflammation of tissues.

The governments assertion that we are experiencing a pandemic does not take one crucial fact in to consideration – World War 2 ending on May 8th 1945, over 76 years ago. The “baby boom generation” are sadly becoming fewer as a consequence of the laws of nature. The average age of death for a man the west of Scotland (and other deprived areas throughout the UK) is 76-77. As a result of a synchronised birth boom 76 years ago we are seeing what looks like a large number of that generation sadly passing away. Despite appearances the government are not stupid they have exploited this seemingly sudden up-tick in natural deaths as a tool to terrorize the public in to thinking we are all killing Granny and Grandad just by virtue of being alive. Please also take into account the country has been denied medical treatment for other illnesses in favour of Covid, so we can anticipate a death toll from this coupled with additional suicides, loneliness and neglect to push figures upwards. As you can see the figures do not scream disaster, which is contrary to what the government and mainstream media would have us believe. Please note population growth is not shown in the graph. Our population has been growing steadily so this means their are steadily more deaths as the years progress.

I have reviewed the governments own death toll figures from 1838 to 2020 for England and Wales and have to conclude they must have been in the midst of a 183 year pandemic the figures show no drastic changes to the death toll just very slight fluctuations that are not statistically significant. They merely show the population has been growing steadily and as a natural consequence there are more deaths year on year.

There have been drastic changes in law to enable the government to lock up journalists for 14 years if they go against the prescribed narrative. Ordinary people have have been labelled terrorists and threatened with prison for expressing opinions or wanting to have an adult discussion about very important subjects with regards to their own health and that of their family.

Why would anyone accept a vaccine created from the instructions of the Wuhan Lab who created and released the virus? A vaccine that took only two hours to create from computer sequence by the admission of Dr Kate Broderick who was hailed a hero by fawning TV presenters, a vaccine that is also a mass experiment and has no track record?

Please consider your decision to facilitate this vaccine rollout very carefully as the risk of harm and death to the children in your care does not bear thinking about. To put this in perspective the current CEO of Pfizer has declared that he will not take the vaccine, his employees, are also refusing to take it (these are the people who created it). Bill Gates the worldwide vaccine pusher who has openly admitted that he thinks the planet needs to be depopulated by 7 billion people, has said his children won’t take any vaccines. There is a massive agenda playing out world wide, it’s about depopulation and control.

Do not be on the wrong side of history. The Nuremberg Code does not exempt those complicit of harming or death because they were “just following orders”. You can make a meaningful difference in this fight to bring the truth into the light. Please do the honourable thing and call a halt to this in your school. You could even delay it. The risks do outweigh the alleged benefits for children, all the evidence shows this.

Thank you for your time.

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