Letters to Local MP: Request to Take a Clear Stance Against Mandatory Vaccines

10 February 2022

Dear Kit Malthouse

Thank you for your response re safety and efficacy of the covid jab.

Do you or anyone in the government actually know the difference between relative and absolute efficacy? The relative efficacy might well be as high as you say as it depends on the numbers of the cohort in the experiment. The absolute efficacy, however is as low as 1% or even less. Please inform yourselves about this very simple mathematical problem.

And when the government says the covid vaccines are safe, it is wrong in two ways:

1) They are not vaccines but toxic gene-modifying substances (please read Pfizer’s and Moderna’s description ). Shouldn’t you politicians sit up and listen when somebody like the Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier says these vaccines are poison? L. Montagnier is joined by many outstanding scientists and doctors.

2) Deaths directly caused by vaccines are in the thousands and severe vaccine damage are in the millions (please look up VAERS, MHRA Yellow Card System, EMA, AGES etc) The non- and underreporting is disgraceful, 10% at best!

Children's Deaths - Covid Vax

You find this safe and effective? You and your government can justify this unethical, unscientific practice of injecting these toxic substances? This is killing with intent!

I don’t have to remind you as Policing Minister, that there is a live investigation at the ICC in The Hague, QTP-CR-473/21. Subject of the complaint is a Crime against Humanity of gross negligence, manslaughter and serious misconduct in public office through violation of the Nuremberg Code and violation of Article 6, 7 and 8 of the Rome Statute. Amongst the perpetrators named are Boris Johnson, Chris Whitty, Matt Hancock, Sajid Javid, and many more. Can you be proud to be working for those people ?

And isn’t it sad that the UK team had to ask the ICC for help as the complaint had fallen on deaf ears with the UK judicial system! As it happened at the Nuremberg Trial, everybody who aids and abets a criminal system will be held to account.

How can you do this to your children? How can you sleep at night?

Best wishes,
Ingrid Seifert

21 January 2022

Dear Kit Malthouse

I am writing to you as my Local MP to ask in the strongest possible terms that you take a clear stance against mandatory vaccines for health and social care workers. There are many staff in our constituency currently under impending threat.

As you are aware, over 126,000 NHS staff have been notified or called into meetings to put pressure on them to have the covid vaccines. It is very concerning that people are facing this kind of pressure when it comes to their personal medical choices. It is completely unacceptable that they are now being threatened with the loss of their career and livelihood on 1 April 2022 if they choose not to have the first dose by 3 February.

There is a great deal of concern about this issue both among NHS staff and in the general public. Opposition to what amounts to a state-imposed medical mandate is uniting many people who have had the vaccine with those who have chosen not to. There is a basic point of principle here. The state – or indeed any employer—should not be forcing people to undertake a medical procedure against their will.

These brave, diligent and caring staff have been on the front line for the last 22 months, serving courageously and often without adequate PPE before any vaccination was available. Many have had Covid or can demonstrate naturally acquired immunity. Even if this was not the case, bodily autonomy is the foundation of medical consent. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Now, after yet another ‘crisis winter’ – made significantly worse by lockdown backlogs – they are being told that their jobs will end on 1 April 2022.

Now that you have had time to consider the impact of this ill-conceived legislation, will you personally be insisting that the government removes it? Not a ‘pause’ or a ‘delay’ but an end to it altogether. Please do the right thing and stand up for the healthcare workers now – not in April after they have been dismissed.

Everyone—from NHS Trust CEOs to the DHSC—is aware that losing another 126,000+ NHS staff on top of the 60,000 care home workers already dismissed would be absolutely catastrophic to all services. It would also inevitably mean further unnecessary pressure on those workers who remain. Many of these staff have decades of experience and cannot simply be ‘replaced’.

I can assure you that if you come out strongly against the mandate you will have the support of many in the wider public as well as those actively campaigning on this issue. My vote will be entirely dependent on your public stance on this issue.

For your information, I will be posting this letter on social media five days from the above date.
I believe that this is an incredibly important moment both for our local area and for our nation as a whole. We must do what is right for the healthcare workers who we once applauded as ‘heroes’. I would love to be able to post your supportive reply alongside this letter.

I really do hope you will defend our brave frontline staff by holding the line against this government overreach. Vaccine mandates would set a dangerous and damaging precedent. Please help to stop their introduction by making your voice heard in the debate.

I look forward to your response.

Best wishes
Ingrid Seifert

The Government states that from 1 April 2022, ‘people carrying out face-to-face, CQC-regulated social care activities will need to be fully vaccinated against covid-19, unless exempt.’

Updates regarding a possible ‘intention to revoke the regulations’:

9 February 2022: Updated to reflect the announcement that government has published a consultation seeking views on revoking regulations making vaccines a condition of deployment for health and social care staff​.
3 February 2022: Added call-out box to reflect that the government has announced its intention to revoke the regulations making vaccines a condition of deployment for health and social care staff, subject to parliamentary process.

See: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vaccination-of-workers-in-social-care-settings-other-than-care-homes-operational-guidance#full-publication-update-history

Public survey – Revoking vaccination as a condition of deployment across all health and social care: https://consultations.dhsc.gov.uk/61fd3b71f0d963706f2a7193

Anna De Buisseret – It’s Our Legal Right To Close These ‘Vaccine Clinics’ Down, Bournemouth speech: