Letter To Members of Parliament Urging the End of Covid Restrictions

This letter was sent to us by a reader and can be used as an example of a letter addressed to Members of Parliament:


Despite just 3 deaths WITH Covid (that’s within 28 days of a positive test not OF Covid) on the 14/6/21 in the context of 1375 deaths overall that day (i.e. 99.78% of deaths were certainly not Covid), with 98% of the over 50s with Covid antibodies (ONS figure) and with hospital capacity available (even NHS leaders say there is capacity) we are still condemned to restrictions on our lives, livelihoods and liberties till 19/7/21.

The restrictions are illogical and some have been downright bizarre; quite how eating a Scotch egg with your pint protects you or wearing a bit of rag on your face (which Coronavirus spread by aerosol droplets can go through) or all turning out of the pub at 10pm together or sitting in the freezing cold between 12/4/21 and 17/5/21 to have a drink or stopping people dancing at a wedding – are supposed to protect people from a respiratory disease is anyone’s guess.

Yet still the restrictions go on, cheer led by the BBC and people like Susan Michie (a member of the Communist Party) and dubious figures such as Neil Ferguson who has consistently been wrong in his predictions (dubbed “modelling”) re. Foot and Mouth, Swine flu, Bird flu and now Covid.

The restrictions are damaging our economy, our culture, the government’s fiscal position, our ancient liberties and the standing and reputation of the Conservative Party.

The latest extension to restrictions was announced at a news conference, not in parliament, and they are assumed to be implemented before there has been any debate in parliament.
If we cannot lift the restrictions now in summer, it looks increasingly likely we will never lift them; already the usual suspects are trailing, in the media, the concept of permanent restrictions. We are supposed to be a liberal democracy, which means the rights of minorities and individuals are protected from the dictates of the majority.

If parliament is to be anything more than a rubber stamp; Conservative backbenchers need to stand up to this nonsense now; I am begging you, for the good of the country, for liberal democracy, for all our lives, livelihoods and liberties and for the long term good of the Conservative Party; please use your influence and your vote to end the restrictions as soon as possible and in July this year at the absolute latest, otherwise this Conservative government will go down in history as the one that presided over the destruction of our culture and our rights and what was once a liberal parliamentary democracy.

Yours Sincerely