Letter to MP – Increasing Numbers of Healthcare Workers Speaking Out

A letter from a concerned reader to her MP.

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Dear Dr Whitford

My previous attempts to engage you in urgently needed discussions about informed consent, vaccine related morbidity, possible epigenetic sequelae, PPE waste and the collateral damage now manifesting, have not received replies thus far.

The censorship of informed dissent, the cavalier dismissal of informed consent, the constant ‘nudging’ of a still largely credulous public must be addressed.

Since increasing numbers of doctors, nurses, midwives and physios are now speaking out, I trust that you will, as a fellow doctor, give credit to those of us who wish for an end to the diktats and the damaging restrictions which have harmed so many.

Recently I received direct accounts of compromised cardiac function in two young men, formerly fit and healthy, soon after they had received the vaccines: whether the booster or the previous doses I cannot say for certain, but one recipient told me that no opportunity for discussion of informed consent was provided. A speedy production line procedure was in operation.

Yours sincerely,