Letter to MP Regarding Vaccine Passports

Jonathan Djanogly MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

17th October

Dear Jonathan

I believe that you are one of the Members of Parliament against the idea of vaccine passports.
I would like to think that you are not alone in this endeavour because it is clear to see that this only leads to the tyranny which is currently evident around the world which is nothing short of astonishing and deeply worrying.

Whilst I appreciate that the Covid pandemic has been an international concern I am starting to believe that it has been significantly overblown by the responses put in place by governments across the globe.

When we left the EU one of the main reasons was being governed by unelected bureaucrats, but here we are being led by the unelected WHO and their sponsors, who have nothing but their own interests at heart.
Why are governments across the globe following in lockstep the same procedures and singing from the same hymn sheet that have been set by these people and NGO
My main concern is that why aren
t our elected MPs standing up to be counted against the blatant disregard for the freedoms that our forefathers fought so valiantly to protect?

The mainstream media and the government, throughout this whole crisis, have done nothing other than project fear into the population whilst doing nothing to mitigate in any way the effects of reducing of Covid symptoms and promoting a healthy lifestyle; i.e. recommending people exercise, lose weight, get some sunshine or take the necessary supplements in order to improve their natural immunity.
It is even on record that the government has admitted to the need to increase the
fear factorin order for the general population to increase the uptake of the vaccine; which in itself is nothing short of criminal.

When it comes to the vaccine, I have to express my concerns. I am not an anti-vaxxer, what ever that means.
I am ex-military and have been vaccinated for numerous conditions, but from the start I had concerns about this programme. I have grown up knowing how long it takes to
perfecta vaccine and my initial reaction was that this was all just a bit quick.
History shows that the track record of pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines isn
t that great, even when they have worked on them for 10yrs.
Every standard across the globe states that vaccination is not mandatory, informed consent is required, and no one is under political, social, or other pressure to be vaccinated if they do not wish to do so.
This standard seems to have been ignored as mandates across the globe have come into force and pressure is routinely applied. The phrase
Show your paperscomes to the fore or otherwise you are excluded!

Across the globe those that have not had the vaccine are now being classified as second class citizens and being isolated from the normal everyday activities that come with being a free human being.
Is this what we have to look forward to in the UK, because this form of segregation would be nothing short of an insult to our ancestors and everything that we hold dear to our hearts as free loving people who hold autonomy over ourselves as a fundamental right.

As this was an experimental vaccine programme, running to at least 2023, I decided to sit this one out for now as, after all, all of the available products only have emergency use authorisation, so how on earth can mandatory acceptance be applied?
What I am struggling to understand now is why we are being
coercedto take this experimental product that has zero long-term studies as to the side effects?

The UK Yellow card reporting system, at time of writing, has over 1600 deaths relating to the vaccine and over 1,000,000 adverse reactions.
How is this information not widely available to the public when daily,
supposedlyCovid deaths are?

How can the mainstream media still claim that the vaccines are safe and effective when this data shows that this vaccine rollout has killed more people than ALL of the other vaccines ever created combined?


There have been repeated media reports about the variants, Delta being the most prevalent at time of writing.
How can there be any credence be put on this statement?
Only last week a court in Spain found that the government could not prove that Covid 19 has even been isolated!
How can this be? If it hasn
t been isolated, as proven by a court of law not the first by all accounts, what are we doing? Why is the country being brought to a standstill?

Who is controlling the narrative through this whole pandemicwhen, if you took the time to look at the data, nothing make any sense whatsoever!

The vaccine rollout is not giving the results that everyone hoped for. I have followed the data from Israel, which is basically a Pfizer laboratory, and the data shows that it is vaccinated people that are suffering from issues that may or may not be Covid; nothing indicates anything driven by anyone who has refused this experimental protocol.
Can you take the time to look at this data as it is relevant to all of us?

I look at our commonwealth brothers only to see tyranny. When did a population have to submit to such draconian measures without any comeback, against the vaccine providers or government, regarding their basic human freedoms?

How can it be that a government can dictate what you can inject into our bodies in order to go about your daily business?
Do you really believe that this is the best way forward for our future, this is not North Korea?
I would be truly amazed if you thought that this was the case; our forefathers fought for freedom and from where I sit at this moment in time our current Members of Parliament are about to give this up without even a whimper.

Vaccine passports are the beginning of a surveillance state and people are being blindly led to give up freedoms, that they will never get back, because they have been tricked into believing, through fear, that it is for their benefit.
The data proves that this is obviously not the case.
You and your colleagues need to make a stand and be on the right side of history against the tyranny that is engulfing the world.

We need leaders that will stand up against this tyranny and uphold the freedom of man.
I believe that you are a man of honour, and I am now asking you to stand up and be counted.

Please make your objections known to the totalitarianism that is unfolding before our eyes; someone needs to stop it ; make the voices of the concerned citizens of this nation and the commonwealth be heard.

I am counting on you as a man of conscious to do the right thing and be the voice that the silent majority do not have, all we want is the TRUTH and this has been hidden for far too long.
You are my representative in Parliament, and I expect you to be heard.

Please contact any colleagues, from what ever party, and make a stand for the human rights for the people of this country, and the commonwealth, that have fought for centuries to protect their freedoms.
The history books of the future will record how we have all dealt with this crisis.

If you wish to contact me directly, I would be more than happy to hear from you.

Kind regards

Pete C