Link Between Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable – 3 Million More Disabled Americans

The Link Between the Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable

Shouldn’t the alarm bells be ringing? Why haven’t the authorities long since swung into action to assure the public that a full independent public investigation is well underway?

To a critical ear, the silence is as deafening as it is worrying. After 11 months of official reports of a sustained fall in the birth rate, the Swedish mainstream media have reacted. However, news reports omit any reference to a possible involvement of the elephant in the room: mRNA vaccines. So, what is the evidence that we should all have an opportunity to consider?

The number of children born in Sweden has decreased by an average of 8.6% over the period from January to November 2022. The largest percentage decreases occurred over the most recent three months of reporting (September-November 2022). Over this period, 11.7% fewer children were born in Sweden to women aged 18 to 45 years, based on the figure expected from regression analysis of data from the previous 10 years.

Although data are released monthly, comment from official sources is as absent as investigative reporting from the mainstream media. A German Government working paper has noted the correlation between the drop in fertility and birth rate in both Sweden and Germany and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. However, the paper blamed behaviour change and drew no link with the exposure of women of childbearing age to novel mRNA vaccines. (…)

Reduced fertility due to negative effects on sperm may also contribute to the observed drop in birth rate. A study of sperm donors in Israel showed that the number and motility of sperm were significantly reduced five months after receiving Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. The effect of further booster doses has not been reported on either male or female fertility.

It is unknown if or how mRNA vaccination is connected to the decline in birth rates seen since 2021, not just in Sweden but throughout the world. It is equally unknown what the long-term safety effects of mRNA vaccines are – these are only now being tested on a population. Correlation does not prove causation. However, never in modern history has such a synchronised decline in birth rate been seen across the developed world, precisely aligned with the massive roll out of a new and experimental medical treatment.

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