Lockdown Experiences and Death of the Elderly

By Roy R M McIntosh

Well, yes 2020 was some year. Started off with so much evil propaganda being spewed out by WHO perfidious bought scumbag media, UN, bought politicians, evil government advisors like Ferguson, Drosten, “Devil” Sridhar etc. and Gestapo cops! With bodies dropping in the streets, emergency ‘folly’ hospitals built and bodies piling up – some think dummies were used – and the dumb public fell for it all!

I managed to escape to Gibraltar on 17 March (which was my 70th) and had my birthday on a cruise in the Bay of Biscay courtesy of Auld Lizzie on HMS Defender. I say courtesy of Auld Lizzie, but all should be reminded the public pays for all that shower!

Anyway, near the end of March I flew back from Southampton to Edinburgh with a plane load of brain-dead dimwits who were so frightened, even of their shadow!
Edinburgh airport was beginning to look like Ghostville. Got a tram into the city and sat next to a fella from Ireland, and we shook hands when parting – the few others in the tram, all cowards, shook with fear and I thought this is a pathetic shower of scumbags.

First few days after Boris told us to stay in as 500,000 would die! That was a BS red flag to me as it was coming from Ferguson, and most families would have a death. I never saw anyone pass my window and I had been out cycling and saw no one, apart from an odd homeless person a drunk etc. I went and did a couple of litter pick-ups on my own and on one saw a couple of cops pass. They could have been holding hands as they were so close. Strange! I thought.

All during lockdown I kept on cycling round Edinburgh! One day I even went to the airport and would have cycled down the runway as there was hardly a soul. I could not find an open gate! On the way back I even ventured on the motorway and one car passed!

During my cycles I saw police at the Waverley Hotel where the homeless were meant to be staying, but seemed to be more outside drinking. Same down at Leith at a couple of spots and I thought why the feck are they not all dead, including the cops!

Then I started hearing of the Great Reset, New Normal, Build Back Better, Universal Basic Income – and… I saw an advisor to the SNP and an English politician talk about clearing hospital beds, and reading between the lines, I could see that they were not worried one bit if vulnerable or elderly died! What happened!? Come on answer in an honest manner!

At that point I wrote to media, politicians, cops, the Crown Office, law society etc. and that evil SNP advisor (Andrews), and told them what they were doing was evil and criminal!

I started then looking at things more closely and in time found a damning Amnesty report: ‘The elderly in care homes are being abandoned like lambs to the slaughter’. Then saw people reporting on the evil that was going on but the big and then bigger shock was to come!

DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) was being used and in some cases blanket DNR was put in place! The bigger shock was the fact that they had a weapon to assist them and that being Midazolam! That creep Hancock was seen admitting that Midazolam stocks had been bought!

I wrote to MHRA, BMA, health minister, media etc. and the reply I received was typical politician, civil servant waffles and not telling all! By the reply it looks as if the Midazolam was mostly used for aiding when fixing a person to a ventilator/mechanical breathing assist machine, so from that one must assume that care homes have ventilators.

Then the synthetic pathogen injections came along with the killing and maiming, but that is another fact or fiction story depending on what side of table one sits. At this point I have contact with a family where three out of five members have been ill from the injection!

Now it is good to know that the Crown Office has a team working on the ‘covid’ deaths and that also Covid 19 Assembly are investigating. No doubt some families on an individual basis shall be asking questions and maybe even a group.