Looking Back at the London Freedom Protests

By Ray Wilson

In January 2020, on the plane back from Tenerife, we noticed a subtle change in the zeitgeist. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China, was announced, along with news of the impeachment trial of US President Donald Trump in the Senate. The United Kingdom officially exited the European Union on January 31, 2020; all the levers had been pulled, and there was no turning back. In the news reports, first responders apparently faced unprecedented demands due to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing critical care and services to patients, transporting them to hospitals, and managing the public health crisis. I was perplexed as I had not yet received my first callout.

I wrote my first letter to Boris in March 2020, questioning the illogical government actions, and did not get a reply. For some of us, it was a “They Live” moment, but without the sunglasses. Once you see, you cannot “un-see”.

For myself and my wife, the realisation was overwhelming. I contacted Brian Gerrish at UK Column to raise my concerns and got a lot of comfort from his words. He ended the email with something like, “Buckle up and enjoy the ride.” I didn’t fully understand the implications of that statement, but I do now. After 56 hours as a first responder without a call, I laid my helmet down.

We had to do something to help our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It was then that I realised the importance of his words—that if we wanted to help those in need and make a positive difference, we had to be willing to take risks. It was the first time in our lives that we had ever attended a protest. My wife and I made our way up to the London Eye and walked across the bridge to Parliament Square.

In 1968, I left London on the merchant ship Rangitoto for Christchurch, New Zealand  via Curaçao, Panama, Tahiti, and Wellington, and returned on the Northern Star via  Tahiti, Acapulco, Trinidad, Lisbon, and Southampton. I thought I had seen the world, but I had not seen anything yet.

There were ridiculous numbers of riot police, territorial police, mounted police, and motorcycle police congregated on all the approach roads to Parliament Square. Helicopters buzzed overhead. It was intimidating; it was meant to be. As soon as we crossed the road and joined the increasing numbers of people on the grass, it was as if we were home; our tensions and concerns melted away.

Everyone there knew the score, and we felt a deep sense of camaraderie with the other protesters. We were amongst likeminded friends and could “speak easily.” It was refreshing to know that there were so many people with the same ideals and passions as us. I then started to understand the orchestrated nature of events, both in the UK and worldwide. I had tried to make both our sons aware of our position, along with other family members, to try to alert them to what was ahead.

“Dad, you have way too much time on your hands,” my eldest said.

“I’m sick of hearing about it,” my youngest exclaimed.

I learned that no matter the arsenal of facts, ONS data, and reports I could deploy, nothing seemed to make any difference. Every person that I spoke to on the London marches had similar difficulties. One man stated that he could no longer work due to the magnitude of the deception and crimes being perpetrated. The authorities might argue that people who think they have been targeted by conspiratorial forces are simply paranoid and dangerous. or even “terrorists.”

Many of us are hyper-alert, and this is understandable due to the collusion of main stream media, local, national, and global powers. Many of us, after all, have been deplatformed, censored, derided, and discredited. He felt that the severity of the situation was such that all he could do was spend every waking hour protesting, contacting authorities, writing to newspapers, and, of course, the BBC. I told him that I had once been an avid Radio 4 listener, but the boss, “my missus,” had signed the affidavit and cancelled the licence. I thank God that she did. Not once did the BBC give any credible coverage of the vibrant and uplifting freedom marches. If it’s not televised, it didn’t happen.

We later cancelled Netflix as the gloss was quickly peeling off many famous actors and celebrities. I started to find that I could no longer listen to some of my favourite pop records. The succession of bought and paid for media types, idolised singers, and even what I once believed were anti-establishment rock and rollers were weak and compliant pushers for the government.

We met a young woman at the Trafalgar Square gathering. She described her ostracization. One Sunday lunchtime, she tried to broach the thorny subject of the government injection. What followed was the most egregious act that I had heard of so far. She had explained that she did not want their young son to be “vaccinated” under any circumstances. Her partner and her brother pinned her to the ground and threatened her. If she didn’t change her mind, they would make sure that she was committed. “You can be sectioned by one doctor only (along with the approved mental health professional), and you can be taken to the hospital in an emergency and assessed there,” according to new government legislation.

On a London freedom march in autumn 2021, we met up with an intrepid group and walked through the Saturday shoppers to Portland Place. We talked about Project Paperclip, MK Ultra, and Operation Bluebeam, and how military grade mind control was being used by the UK government against its own people. Our government does not love us.

There are many courageous MPs, such as Andrew Bridgen, who provide hope; many, however, prefer cognitive dissidence or wilful blindness. Whatever your political beliefs, the system is broken, and its heads, be they Labour or Conservative, belong to the same beast. Are the puppet masters the unelected WEF? I don’t think so. The power is much farther up the chain of command, lurking in the murky shadows, not wanting to be seen. As we filtered off through the arcade, the flat earth theory came into the conversation. I knew instantly that this could be an issue. What do I know? What do any of us know?

“That’s an interesting concept; I don’t know anything about it,” is all I said.

I am certain that we are all here for a reason. The tactics of “divide and rule” are in full swing. Having travelled around the world and seen places with my own eyes, I only know what I know. Let’s just put any arguments aside and work ceaselessly towards a world that is full of sovereign human beings. We can only travel together and discover the truth in freedom—freedom of debate, freedom of movement, and freedom of thought. We can and must do this. Can we debate science in the spirit of freedom and reject vested interests and dogmas? Can we reach logical conclusions that are beneficial to us all? When prayer is a thought crime, we have reached the point where all we can do is resist tyranny.

Wilful blindness is the worst sort of lie. It’s the refusal to know something that could be known. It’s the refusal to recognise the stench—the skeletons rattling in every cupboard. The great elephant is, by now, decomposing under the carpet. We must be unafraid to speak the truth, to call out injustice, and to hold ourselves and those in power accountable for their actions That’s why we are here. Let’s laugh at the clowns and psychopaths of the WEF and WHO. We didn’t vote for them, and we don’t want them. How many of the net zero narcissists cycled to Davos?

Consider a world in which the truth could be told or discussed, where MPs could stand up in Parliament and voice their constituents’ concerns without fear of losing their whip, where a leader could answer a simple question like “Can you define a woman?” and where journalists were applauded for exposing lies rather than imprisoned, where whistleblowers were commended and not sacked or discredited, where scientists could voice their theories without fear of reprisals, and where doctors and nurses could abide by their oaths and treat patients with remedies that work without fear of being “struck off”. Consider a mainstream broadcaster whose mission statement is “We are the people’s channel; we tell the truth and Bugger Off-Com.”

That would be a wonderful world; let us work together to make it a reality. We all know the truth when we hear it; the truth doesn’t need protecting. Only in freedom can we find truth. God help us all.

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