Interaction With the Police Results in the Closure of Bristol Vaccine Centre

Mark Sexton—Vaccine Centre University of West England, Bristol—Footage of Closing Process (SixthSense/Bitchute):

Mark Sexton points out the crimes commited in vaccine centres and surgeries around the country (and the world) and accuses those complicit of: misconduct in public office, misfeasance in public office, cooperate manslaughter and conspiracy to commit all the above.

A few phrases said by Mark Sexton:

“They can’t hide this evidence anymore.

It is your duty to investigate this crime.

Why are they hell-bent on vaccinating the world’s population against an illness no more dangerous than the flu?

We all have to ask this question.

Now we know that the NHS and the Government are lying, we as a collective (police and people), have to get control of this situation…

Our children are dying in massive numbers because of the vaccine.

Please protect our children.”

01/10/22: UK: Vaccine centre at the University of West of England closed pending data review:

Mark Sexton: The staff at the University of West of England, Vaccine Centre have been provided with the evidence and are concerned about the data presented to them. 01/10/22 (chinlee/Rumble)

The Government and the NHS are still promoting the deadly ‘vaccine’ and calling it ‘safe and effectiv’:

Booster Bioweapon