Masking Toddlers is Sadistic – Stop masking kids, STOP IT NOW!

If you see a video of a toddler being dragged off a plane for not masking correctly, you can be sure the video was taken in America.

In what has become a bizarre ritual of over-the-top rule-following zealotry coupled with misplaced and unscientific COVID fear, another child was pulled off an airplane last week for not wearing a mask correctly.

Amanda Pendarvis and her 2-year-old were forced to deplane when the toddler couldn’t keep his mask on. Pendarvis says her son was having an asthma attack at the time.

The video of the child saying “no, no” while his mom attempts to keep the mask on him is heart-wrenching.

It would be painful to do this to children if it were necessary in the name of safety, but it simply is not.

Read the full article on New York Post:

Why is forcing a child to wear a face mask child abuse?

Because it is neither necessary nor effective against covid, and causes physical and psychological harm.

Mask wearing appears to be a cultish act

Comment on Reddit:

I can say with complete confidence that the US was the absolute last country that needed masks/mask mandates. This country was already extremely divided politically when the pandemic was starting and masks just made the situation worse. The left downplayed masks so tremendously in an effort to make them seem like no big deal (it’s just like a pair of socks!) and now some sections of the country are knee deep in the mask dogma with no telling when they’ll let it go.

For those not in the US, here’s everything that happens here, normally, all relating to masks

-Children are made to wear masks. I’ve even seen literal infants wearing masks

-Mask mandates being reinstated and removed over and over again.

-Legal battles over masks in schools

-Protests over masks

-Mask selfies, mask memes, mask profile pictures, and cloth masks with designs on them. I’ve even seen people take pictures of them kissing someone else while wearing masks

-People riding in cars alone with masks

-People continuing to wear masks merely to not seem like they’re affiliated with republicans

-People walking down the street, outside, with masks. Sometimes even alone

-Outdoor mask mandates

-Extreme division amongst people because of masks

-Being branded as “anti-masker” for expressing even the slightest degree of skepticism towards them

-Social media videos berating those who don’t want to wear masks

-Masks in ads/commercials

-Masks required in a lot of schools/universities, even ones that require vaccination

-Mannequins in stores with masks

In some places in the US, especially blue ones, some of these things are a regular part of people’s lives.

So yeah. While Europe and other places move on past covid, the US is still having constant slap fights over masks. It’s only a matter of time before we see pictures of a mother holding her newborn child, both with masks on.