Massive Ukraine Propaganda In the West

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Katy-Jo Murfin with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:27 – French Presidential Election

06:09 – Massive Ukraine Propaganda In the West

20:42 – Propaganda Parallels Between Ukraine and Syria

24:31 – Did Macron Sacrifice His Own Citizens?

28:34 – Weapons To Ukraine

33:03 – What Is the Conflict In Ukraine Really About?

44:00 – Home Education Fundraiser Cancelled By Anti-Terrorism Police

47:30 – Babies Harmed As the Closure of the NHS Continues

52:28 – The Online Safety Bill

57:57 – The Rapid Interconnected Shift In the Global Economic System

01:05:15 – The Predatory Family Sex Show

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