Meeting Like-Minded People

Occasionally, we get requests from people wanting to meet others. The White Rose UK does not organise any meet-ups, but we can  help people to connect.

If you are interested in meeting other like-minded people there are the Stand in the Park meetings in most UK towns on Sundays (not organised be The White Rose UK).

If you wish a more specific meeting with other like-minded people, please contact us and mention the area where you live.

A reader, who is certainly not the only one, wishes to meet other Christians for a prayer group: Calling local Christians who understand Bible Prophecy! Please let me know if you’d like to join me for prayer near Guildford.

Another reader writes: Do you have suggestions how to connect with others in the UK to share thoughts and support each other? There must be people who are already connecting. Would you know of any? Reading reader comments on a ‘booster shot’ article in the Telegraph today Aug 20, it seems more, and more people are waking up, including the  vaccinated. Many who took the shots don’t want another. How could we unite both vaccinated and unvaccinated behind a common (simple) message? I think if we can find a way to unite the people behind a common cause regardless of v status, we could turn the tide.

Please contact The White Rose UK for further details.