Menticide – the Pandemic Within

A short essay by Cherry Hughes 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, menticide is defined as “The undermining or destruction of a person’s mind or will, especially by systematic means (regarded as a characteristic activity of totalitarian regimes”.

This, I would argue, demonstrates exactly the total governmental control being exerted over the populus of many countries, including the United Kingdom at this time. This level of control and interference by big government is unprecedented in modern history, and is as far removed from democracy and pursuit of self-determination as is possible to imagine.

The current state of affairs is frighteningly akin to the dystopian nightmare presented by Orwell (1948), in the novel ‘1984’. A fictional novel playing out now, in real-time. The question has to be posed, ‘how does almost an entire population succumb to such a process ?’

The process of enslavement depicted in ‘1984’, has equivalence with current events , the novel is almost being used as an instruction manual. Considering the tactics employed by ‘Big Brother’ in ‘1984’, one can easily draw comparisons with the tactics being deployed currently, by world governments. This is being perpetrated on us in plain sight.

Only a tyrannical, megalomaniac takes pleasure in observing the thronging masses below, and reason to himself “they occupy that position because they deserve to be there”. The megalomaniac holds power, in short, because they believe their own delusions.

Power corrupts, and corruption feeds the lust for power in a never ending cycle in which neither can achieve total satisfaction. In such a scenario, all perceived ‘goals’ are lost in a fog of total rapacity.

This rapacious extortion of ordinary life is enabled by continual negative and oppressive messaging peddled daily on television, social media and poster hoardings. There is no escape. There is no salvation.


We can make a choice to turn away from fear, we CAN switch off the television, abstain from consumption of social media, and rediscover the power within ourselves. We CAN observe the beauty and light in nature all around us. We CAN take comfort and support from like-minded people, giving and receiving real human contact with each other. We CAN say NO.

There is salvation.

Never Surrender