MEP Jorge Buxadé: ‘Agenda 2030 Is Diabolical’

Transcript in English: You should be apologizing for the Green Pact and you are holding a debate to accuse the far right and the conservatives of being a risk to the climate and nature.

You are a meme. Of course we are going to repeal your Green Pact and, of course, erase from history your diabolical Agenda 2030, which is nothing more than a mass redundancy plan against European workers, middle classes and companies.

Just today, this Parliament approved millions of euros for 2,300 workers who are to be made redundant as a result of your policies.

You have devastated the primary sector, condemning thousands of farms to closure, conditioning CAP aid, flooding them with bureaucracy, restrictions, prohibitions, promoting unfair competition from third countries.

We did vote against SUPAC, we voted against the Green Pact, we voted against its strategies and against the Nature Restoration Act and, of course, we are going to repeal it along with the 2030 Agenda and the [MEP crushes Agenda 2030 poster] and the Green Deal [MEP crushes European Green Deal poster]… [MEP gets cut off from microphone!] (Area del Dissenso/YT)

Backup video (Spanish only):

Jorge Buxadé, vice-president of Political Action of Vox and MEP, is one of the parliamentarians most critical of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, better known as Agenda 2030, promoted by the European elites. Since his election as a Member of the European Parliament in 2019, Buxadé has been carrying out a personal crusade against EU policies on Agriculture, Livestock and all the restrictions that the European Union is trying to impose on the primary sector. (El Debate/YT)

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