Met Office Admits Spraying Skies

We all know it is happening now, but the Met Office put a nice spin on the danger. (Richard Vobes/YT)

Injecting the sky – Met Office confirm Geoengineering:

Injecting the Atmosphere with Aerosols

Met Office:

Expanding the Earth’s albedo through the process of cloud seeding involves the introduction of light-reflecting particles, like aluminium, barium, strontium, and thorium, into low-lying stratus cumulus clouds.

This geoengineering technique is intended to enhance cloud reflectivity, mitigating global warming effects by increasing the amount of sunlight bounced back into space.

Nevertheless, the lasting impacts and potential repercussions on weather dynamics and ecosystems remain incompletely comprehended, prompting ethical and environmental apprehensions.

In the ever-evolving discourse on climate change, the topic of geoengineering has often sparked intense debate and speculation. Over a decade ago, the Met Office made headlines by openly discussing the existence of geoengineering schemes, including the controversial practice of stratospheric aerosol injection, commonly referred to as “chemtrails.”

During this period, the Met Office, Britain’s national weather service, acknowledged the existence of geoengineering efforts aimed at combating the effects of global warming. Stratospheric aerosol injection involves the intentional release of particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth’s surface. (DJi 432/YT)

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