More than 10,000 Europeans dead and 400,000 seriously injured after Covid jab

More than 10,000 Europeans have died—and 400,000 are seriously injured—after being given one of the Covid jabs, the European Medicines Agency has reported.

As vaccine reactions are notoriously under-reported, the true picture may be considerably worse, and the dangers of having the vaccine for those in a low-risk Covid group could outweigh any benefits.

The agency has received 415,829 reports of serious adverse reactions and deaths from one of the four Covid vaccines up to the first week of May from the 27 countries that make up the European Union.

The deadliest vaccines in Europe have been the mRNA vaccines, a new technology that is being tested for the first time, with Pfizer’s having 5,368 deaths reported, followed by Moderna’s version, linked to 2,865 deaths. The two vaccines also had a combined total of 193,513 reported injuries.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine has had 2,102 reported deaths and 208,973 injuries, which makes it the most dangerous of all the vaccines, even though 17 European countries had stopped using it until research had proven its safety. General disorders were the most frequently reported, with more than 158,000 reported cases including 604 deaths, followed by 125,000 nervous system disorders, including 318 deaths.
The fourth vaccine to be tracked—Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine—had 235 reported deaths, and 2,873 injuries.

Source: Eudravigilance.