Most of the 40,000 Care Home Residents Who Died Were ‘Euthanised’

A letter by Douglas Brodie to his MP Douglas Ross

How the government abuses the general public – follow up (see also media at bottom of page)

Dear Mr Ross,

Thank you for your brief acknowledgment of my recent email on the tyranny the UK government is inflicting on the general public and the fearmongering psychological warfare techniques it is using to blind the naïvely-trusting public to its nefarious hidden agenda.

I am pleased to say that my colleague Joel Smalley has posted my email on his Substack. The comments beneath it are very supportive, including one from ex‑Pfizer vice president and chief scientist cum whistle-blower Dr Mike Yeadon who I reference in my final paragraph. He kindly says: “This is among the most important articles written since early 2020”. Dr Yeadon gives an extremely damning testimony to the Reiner Fuellmich Grand Jury crimes against humanity trial here (“the vaccines are toxic by design… the entire thing is a fraud”).

You decline to engage in discussion of your government’s tyrannical policies because you know it could expose the establishment’s criminal Covid “plandemic” (© Fuellmich), just as the Westminster government has declined to appeal the recent High Court ruling which found that the care home pandemic policy was unlawful “after 40,000 residents died of Covid in a year”.

That report is itself an example of establishment skulduggery. The truth is that these innocents didn’t all die of Covid. Acting on covert government instructions, health authorities conspired and fiddled the cause of death attributions to make it appear so. Most victims were “euthanised” using toxic drugs such as midazolam, morphine and remdesivir or other inappropriate treatments or were killed by the vaccines, as testified by expert witnesses to the Fuellmich Grand Jury trial here and most chillingly here by a funeral director from Milton Keynes.

These testimonies are supported by this care home whistle-blower exposing what she describes as the murder of care home residents while the country was in lockdown, by this Daily Exposé study and by this UK Column report (from 44:00) on “fast track” end of life care plans.

These heinous acts were committed for the coldly-premeditated, globally-coordinated purpose of cranking up the “Covid” death count in order to scare the global general public witless, all for the evil ulterior motive exposed by Dr Fuellmich and his colleagues.

Here in health-autonomous Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon could have chosen not to dispatch elderly innocents with toxic drugs. She could have saved many lives by authorising safe and effective hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for Covid treatment. She could have followed Sweden which weathered the virus better than most European countries despite acknowledged care home errors and despite no stay-at-home orders, no forced business or restaurant closures, no facemask mandates, schools for up to age 16 kept open throughout and far less overall collateral damage. But no, she sided with the globalist conspirators. Anyone who says Sturgeon had a “good pandemic” is blind to reality.

Prior to Covid, I spent many long years campaigning against the futile 2008 Climate Change Act and the imposition of expensive, pointless wind farms which only despoil our landscapes and inflate our energy bills. I sent many emails on this subject to you and clone politicians from four different political parties but not once did I receive a straight or credible reply. I always got fobbed off with daft energy engineering wishful thinking and unfounded assertions, e.g. that man-made climate change is “an existential threat” and “the science is settled”.

Post Covid it’s payback time. I now understand that I wasted my time arguing technicalities on why the government’s climate change policies are delusional and infeasible. That’s because “climate change” has clearly never been about the ludicrous notion that the global climate can be regulated using a CO2 “control knob”. The climate change agenda is no more than an elaborate ploy to level down the economy.

The rapid-fire Covid tyranny of the last two years has exposed the real purpose of the slow-burn climate change tyranny going back decades, e.g. to 1991 when the Club of Rome said that “the enemy, then, is humanity itself“. One way or another – climate change, Covid or war – the aim of your Malthusian WEF/UN/WHO/Big Money/Bill Gates/George Soros overlords is de-industrialisation and global depopulation via a system of totalitarian, technocratic world governance, an evil global conspiracy now fully documented by Dr Fuellmich and his team.

I challenge you to deny this and to refute the widespread assertion that Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon and their leading co‑conspirators have quite literally been getting away with murder and deserve to go to jail for crimes against humanity.

For the benefit mainly of family and friends I’ll conclude by referring to the damning revelations in the released Pfizer Covid vaccine clinical trial data which they (and you) may not know much about as such news is suppressed by the corrupt MSM. This trial data is being released thanks to a helpful judicial order which overturned the shockingly brazen plan of the corrupt regulator to keep it secret for 75 years.

An army of skilled sleuths is poring over the Pfizer trial process and data, such as El Gato Malo, Fuellmich Grand Jury witness Deanna McLeod (from 1:08:15) and whistle-blower Brook Jackson. It looks as if the trials were fraudulent which if proved will lead to Pfizer losing their emergency-use authorisation liability protection and hopefully going bust. That would surely bring down the entire corrupt house of cards.

The released data and FOI information reveal that, among other things, Pfizer and the regulators hid the dangers of Covid‑19 vaccination during pregnancy. Since the 1960s thalidomide tragedy, the inoculation of pregnant women with an experimental vaccine has been medically off-limits yet the authorities urged pregnant women to take the experimental Covid jab, e.g. Nicola Sturgeon here. Sheer criminality.

The evil obsession to give the dangerous, ineffectual jab to healthy young women and children for a virus which poses negligible risk to them can only be explained as the manic pursuit of the Fuellmich-exposed conspiracy, all for the appallingly prosaic ulterior motive of getting the entire population hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into social credit digital IDs ready for the WEF Great Reset. The number of newborn baby deaths in Scotland has since surpassed critical levels in two distinct waves, a sad state of affairs we don’t hear politicians or the MSM talking about. Further shocking revelations on the Covid vaccine trial documents are given here, here and by Dr Tess Lawrie here who also warns of the subversive WHO pandemic treaty which WEF puppet Boris Johnson is planning to sign us up to without any mandate.

The UK drug adverse reactions website estimates that “only 10% of serious reactions” are submitted as official Yellow Card reports. A new German study on Covid data suggests an under-reporting factor (URF) of 40. A study of the US VAERS Covid data suggests a URF of 45. These numbers are entirely plausible given the many discouragements put in the way of reporting Covid adverse reactions. Yet still our shameless politicians and medical authorities stonewall the public on these realities, as doggedly reported by Mark Steyn on GB News under the tagline “The Vax Scandal”, for example on 5th May and on 9th May, short extracts here, here, here, here and his tour de force here.

The pre-Covid rule of thumb for the acceptability of a vaccine is not more than one vaccine-induced death per million recipients, equating to not more than about 50 in total in the UK. The UK Yellow Card system already has over 2,000 reported Covid vaccine-induced deaths, some 40 times above acceptability, yet still the pointless vaccine bullying continues. With an under-reporting factor of 10 this equates to 20,000 actual Covid vaccine deaths. With the German URF of 40 it equates to 80,000 deaths, never mind the huge numbers of serious non-fatal Covid vaccine injuries. If not because of a hidden agenda, why is nobody bar Mark Steyn (and Sir Christopher Chope MP) talking about this?

Denmark has stopped its Covid vaccination programme, so why can’t we? My “sponsor” has posted a new study which reveals that the vaccinated in Denmark account pro-rata for more cases, hospitalisations and deaths than the unvaccinated, and have done all year.

Bill Gates puppets Johnson and Sturgeon often used to parrot the WEF mantra “Build Back Better”, always an absurdity given that it was they who swung the wrecking ball in the first place. They don’t dare say it now after the chaos their evil machinations have caused.

The incumbent Westminster political class is like the incompetent, clone-thinking, undislodgable SNP here in Scotland. Westminster’s similarly undislodgable clone politicians have effectively disenfranchised the electorate and rendered themselves superfluous by collectively choosing to pursue the unmandated, self-harming policies set for them by their unaccountable globalist overlords.

The UK people voted for Brexit in order to regain sovereignty but six years on we are stuck in an even more dystopian globalist mire. The only hope for our democracy is to send all the globalists packing, to ditch all the harmful globalist policies and for politicians to atone by actively assisting in the prosecution of all those who have committed crimes against humanity. We can but dream.

Yours faithfully,

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 13 May 2022


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