MP Andrew Bridgen Suspended for Telling the Truth

Andrew Bridgen, MP,  was accused of crossing a line with his remarks on the rollout of the jab. He lost the Tory whip after posting on Twitter that the covid vaccine was the “biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust”.

…. and he is telling the truth. According to Yellow Card there are over two thousand reported deaths in the UK due to the vaccine, and those are just the reported ones. Open VAERS shows tens of thousands of reported deaths due to the covid vax. In reality, there may be up to a hundred times more, as many deaths and adverse reactions go unreported.

So, perhaps Andrew Bridgen MP’s comment was an understatement…!

Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, has been suspended for warning about vaccine. (Richard Vobes/YT)

Tory MP suspended after comparing COVID vaccines with Holocaust (Sky News/YT):

Just a few comments from the countless comments below Sky News’ disgraceful video on YouTube, in support of Bridgen:

  • Hope Andrew Bridgen reads this comments section, he’ll know a lot of people appreciate his stance.
  • The commentator says Andrew Bridgen made a number of false claims in the House of Commons debate – name one!
  • Can someone tell me why when someone utters the word “holocaust” regardless of the context, people descend into fits of hysteria? Personally I think what Mr Bridgen said was very much on point.
  • Side effects are ‘rare’. Nonsense. Within my close family and friends, two have permanent tinnitus, my friend’s dad was seriously ill, paralysed in fact because he developed Gullane Barre Syndrome (apologies for the spelling) and my cousin had a stroke.
  • The truth doesn’t fear investigation…
  • They certainly act swiftly when they get “offended” but not when responding to people suffering from the side effects of the vaccine they were mandated.
  • He repeated a quote made by someone else , but notice how the MSM twists the words!
  • It’s a Holocaust whether they twisted his words or not.
  • The joke is he was quoting a consultant cardiologist. A man who IS an expert.
  • Brave man. People are dropping like flies.

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