MP Not Interested in Accurate Data Regarding Covid Jab

A reader received a reply from her MP, stating that the covid jab is safe for all age groups. He also refused to engage in any discussion, whilst calling people with vaccine scepticism ‘cranks, conspiracy theorist and loons’. She wrote back the following:

The US Government’s own statistics confirm many deaths and severe injuries from the Covid vaccines among children, although these are doubtless dismissed as “coincidence.” Even where death/injury was hours/days after the jab. Over here, the BBC still insist fraudulently that the jab is safe for children, with negligible side effects, and insists it’s necessary to stop them getting or spreading the virus. Prior to that relentless fear propaganda and psychological conditioning, so that they can’t make an informed choice without undue influence.
So, if the UK Government goes ahead and rolls out the vaccine to young children, how does it justify that?

We are not just pulling the adverse-effect statistics from a hat; they are on the Government websites, both here and in the States. People are dying and having life altering adverse effects. Including children and teenagers. Are we to smile sweetly and look the other way for fear of being labelled cranks and loons?

Covid jab deaths reported on Yellow Card, UK:

Covid jab deaths reported on VAERS, USA: