MP Wants Vaccination Roll-Out for Five-Year-Olds ‘Implemented With Haste’

A concerned reader writes a letter to his MP and receives an answer (see further below) that suggests children should be vaccinated hastily, with an experimental, dangerous and still-in-trial drug.

Dear Ms Hayes

Please reconsider your stance on vaccine mandates.

I am writing as a concerned constituent, regarding recent legislation that this government has passed to mandate covid vaccinations for NHS staff. The Government has decided to force all healthcare workers to be “fully vaccinated” as a condition for deployment and treating patients face to face. Whatever words and terminology the Government uses, this is ‘mandatory vaccination’.

From a civil liberty and personal freedom point of view this is unprecedented. Consent for a treatment is a basic human right and it is a legal duty to obtain informed consent from patients before carrying out any medical intervention. Consent also has to be autonomous, in other words a person has to be free to make choices on matters relating to their body. Controls imposed by others, lack of information, coercion overt or covert, duress, fear of recrimination, intimidation, misrepresentation of facts and anything that would limit the freedom of patient choice, make any “consent” made under these circumstances, null and void.

If a person decides to have no treatment, this is naturally totally within their rights, and this should be respected. For consent to hold true in a Court of Law, it must be voluntary and hold up to all of the conditions mentioned above. By all accepted definitions of the word, mandatory vaccinations go against the very meaning of consent. Consent is the cornerstone of medical ethics and international human rights law. The Government states that it isn’t mandating vaccines on anyone but simply making it a condition for deployment. This is simply playing with words. The result is the same: no jab no job.

Mandatory vaccinations set in place a dangerous precedent. Never before have governments decided what people should have done to their bodies. It does away with bodily autonomy, personal freedom and choice. This is duress and coercion, this is not choice or free will. And this applies to thousands of other healthcare workers, admin and auxiliary staff. How will the NHS not crumble under the weight of more staff shortages? These people have decades of experience. They cannot be ‘replaced’ by temp or agency staff. Patients will be harmed as a consequence.

Yesterday it was care workers, today healthcare workers, who will it be tomorrow? Covid-19 vaccines protect the vaccinated from serious disease, but data now shows unequivocally that none of the vaccines prevent you catching or transmitting Coronavirus. Most recently, a study published in The Lancet concluded that breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people can efficiently transmit infection in the household setting. The concluding paragraph is very important, and ruins the public health case for Covid Passes and mandatory vaccinations.

“Although current vaccines remain effective at preventing severe disease and deaths from COVID-19, our findings suggest that vaccination alone is not sufficient to prevent all transmission of the delta variant” The mandate goes against the advice of the UK Parliament’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee report into Covid-19 status certification, which found that the government could not make a strong scientific case for vaccine passports, and that they would be discriminatory. How is this not the case here also?
Mandatory vaccination damages informed consent. The Council of Europe resolution on Covid-19 vaccines urges Member States to “ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is not mandatory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if they do not wish to do so; ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated”.

All around Europe there are huge protests which show the strength of feeling and opposition to this proposed illiberal ‘papers please’ medical two-tier society.
I urge you to please reconsider the matter of mandatory vaccinations and get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards

Answer from MP Helen Hayes:

Dear …

Thank you very much for your further email.

You will have seen the news this week that the Government has cancelled the mandatory take up of Covid vaccination as a condition of deployment for staff working in the NHS and social care.

We are continuing to see very high levels of coronavirus in our communities, and it continues to be important that people take up the offer of vaccination as the best way of protecting our communities from the virus, and the roll out of the vaccination to 5-18 year olds is implemented with haste.

With best wishes,

Helen Hayes MP
Member of Parliament for Dulwich and West Norwood

Does MP Helen Hayes know that a large number of test results are false positives? Is she aware that children are hardly at risk of getting seriously ill, let alone dying from covid? Does she know that these injections are killing more people than all previous vaccines combined?

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A further comment from another reader:

Helen Hayes sounds to me like she has either no idea about the dangers this vaccine is doing (which to me seems unlikely—she has to know about MHRA which is a UK GOV open information database) or she is somehow involved in this ‘Global Agenda’ conspiracy which would make her untrustworthy and a proponent of vaccination, i.e. complicit in it!

If this is the latter then she is in violation of the law. Now I don’t know if we here in the UK have a similar legal aspect, as to that written into US anti-trust legislation, and I’d sure like to know and get a PDF copy of that document to read over. But if we do then she is breaking the law; if not then she is breaking a more severe law—that written into the Charter of The Nuremberg Code.

The forcing of any mandatory invasive medical intervention, such as and including vaccinations, is an unlawful act! If it causes potential harm and worse results in death of UK citizens, it is a war-crime against the population and carries the ultimate penalty of death by execution. This is a statutory aspect of law—a law that protects the rights we have over our own health and bodies to seek informed consent and to refuse any treatment.

Forcing, coercing or pressurising anyone to take a medical treatment, including any vaccine, is a violation of the Nuremberg Code!

If Ms Hayes is adamant and insistent on pushing this vaccination, and especially if she is doing so against unsuspecting innocent children, then as far as I’m concerned she is committing an act of terrorism and violating the Code of Nuremberg. As such she should be immediately arrested, tried and sentence for crimes against humanity.