Nanotech Found In Vaxx Also Observed In Dental Drugs

Has nanotech invaded every aspect of human life?

Mat Taylor is back with Stew to detail recent discoveries he observed under a microscope showing nanotech inside dental anesthetics.

Examinations of dental drugs from 2019 and before the pandemic showed zero nanotechnology. The same self-assembling circuitry found in the covid bioweapon are also in dental numbing agents.

If nanotech is in dental drugs used for anesthesia then it’s likely also in the drugs used for other surgeries. Dentists and doctors alike should analyze the components inside the medication they deliver to their patients, to ensure safety and informed consent. (

Comment by Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea

It has been well known, that the hydrogel nanotechnology is in all injectables, all drugs, all foods and in all humans vaxxed or unvaxxed. This is what we have been documenting in live blood around the world.

The filaments we have been seeing in everyone’s blood are nanotechnology and synthetic biology.

La Quinta Columna reported and showed different vaccines and injectables all have this in them.

Conference of La Quinta Columna: The game is over

I have seen these in Insulin injections in my practice. I have seen this in meat. It is in every person who’s blood I look at. I have been sounding the alarm that this is an extinction level event for humanity because our entire biosphere, our food, our medicines all are contaminated – to vaccinate people by every means.

Someone asked what they can do to clear their medications of this. Nothing. You cannot clear it. People ask me about Chlorine Dioxide – it does not clear the filament structures in our experiments.

The EDTA that I have been talking about can verifiably clear the blood. You cannot put EDTA in your medical supplies though.

Until humanity rises up against those who want to poison us, they will continue to put this in everything. People ask is it not in the medical supplies you use for EDTA infusions – yes, it likely is. But it still is able to dissolve it and it has helped people -verifiably so. I believe if people do not clear their blood of these large structures, they will find not just accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, debilitation, cognitive decline, turbo cancers, but early death. All of those I have seen.

I have shown more evidence of IV EDTA working here: Decontaminating The Blood From Synthetic Biology Hydrogel With EDTA Chelation – Live Blood Documentation

According to Celeste Solum’s recent interview with Maria Zeee, the military has a document with plans to not have a single natural human living by 2025. The UN had plans to put the vaccine platform into the food supply and by 2022 they succeeded. Please watch this important interview where she reviews this information

The question is when will people realize that what we have been warning about is really happening… an extinction level event for humanity. Unless people wake up and stand up against this entire global satanic system, this will be the end of natural humans. Please see our warning here:

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