Net Zero Has Nothing to Do With Climate but Has Everything to Do With Control of the World Population and Global Resources

By Douglas Brodie


The Powers That Be (TPTB) showed their true colours during the Covid “plandemic” through their proven lies, fearmongering psy-ops, false propaganda, censoring, cancelling of dissidents, coercions such as the vaccine mandate of “no jab, no job” and turning a collective blind eye to the horrendous Covid vaccine injuries. All this for a virus similar to flu with a median Infection Fatality Rate of 0.035% for the under-60s including the chronically unwell and with safe and effective early Covid treatments deliberately and cruelly banned. The median age of death in the UK from the not-so-deadly virus has always been above UK life expectancy, currently running at an astonishing 86 versus life expectancy of about 80 years. 

TPTB ruthlessly pushed their own agenda and showed themselves to be the enemies of the common people yet their smooth-talking politician puppets and amnesty-seeking lockdown apologists are now trying to airbrush away this unacceptably abusive behaviour, seeking to “just move on”. 

Neil Oliver recites these shocking abuses and vows never to forgive and forget in this powerful monologue, walking on Ofcom censorship eggshells. His use of the word “murder” then the phrase “criminally insane” all but enunciates “crimes against humanity”. 

The good news is that TPTB’s now obvious Covid atrocities will hopefully lead to the unravelling of their other scam, “climate change”. 


My last email sent out at the end of August as “My Net Zero climate change rant” was posted online by Joel, PSI,The White Rose, The Exposé, Daily Sceptic News Round-up and and I thank them all for their support. Use this to link back to my prior “Family and Friends” postings. 

Since then I have been through a period of writer’s block, totally discombobulated by the weird political machinations going on all around us which the complicit mainstream media (MSM) tries to pass off as perfectly normal, now exacerbated by the inane witterings coming out of COP27. 

This comeback epistle seeks to prove that TPTB who rule our lives are inveterate liars who are scheming to impose totalitarian one-world governance over the entire global population, the secret part of their Great Reset agenda. The public part, as endorsed by then Prince Charles perhaps because he now rakes in £ billions from offshore wind farm rights, is openly displayed here, summarised here and parodied here

By TPTB, I mean the unaccountable globalist establishment which calls all the important political shots comprising, inter alia and with overlapping agendas: Big Money, central banks and the IMF, Big Tech, the bought-and-paid-for MSM, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the UN, the WHO, national health authorities, assorted billionaire “philanthropaths” such as Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and George Soros, and assorted “green” NGOs. 

Our incumbent politicians act (as in “play-act”) as obedient puppets to this immensely rich, powerful and unaccountable globalist mafia, as evidenced by the recent double coup which has installed a set of WEF stalwarts at the helm of the UK government. The Trilateral Commission Leader of the Opposition also kowtows to them, leaving the UK electorate disenfranchised on the most important issues of the day. 

This email is based on facts and information you are unlikely to see in the biased, paid-for MSM, GB News excluded. Sorry about the length but this is a very complex and important subject. 

Dear Messrs Hendry and Ross, 

I had thought to write on how modern society has somehow managed to drive itself insane, such is the lunacy of many of the major policies being pushed by TPTB, often with the enthusiastic support of the brainwashed general public. However I found that too daunting a task and in any case I’m sure that the “lunacy” is driven more by evil than by insanity. I’ll leave it at that but some articles which may give pause for thought are given here, here and here, with a very good Covid-specific one here about the book “Gone Viral: How Covid Drove the World Insane”. 

Topically for COP27, this email presents what I believe to be incontestable evidence that TPTB have been lying to the general public for decades on the subject of “climate change”, aka alleged man-made global warming for a nefarious ulterior motive nothing to do with climate, explained below. They have invested massive effort and expense on brainwashing the public into believing their lies (just as they did on Covid), sadly so successfully that “climate change” has become a latter-day quasi-religion. 

This long-established precedent shows that we, the people, should not believe TPTB on their other skulduggeries such as Covid, the war in Ukraine and the energy and food shortages which they are deliberately trying to engineer

You politicians owe it to all your constituents to act against this global tyranny, not kowtow to it. 

I challenge you both to refute my arguments and I look forward to receiving your mea culpa replies with apologies for having dismissively fobbed off my prescient earlier warnings. I encourage Bcc addressees to go through the same mental exercise. 

Climate Change

My recent post on climate change debunks both the theory of alleged man-made global warming and the disastrous futility of rushing to attempt unilateral decarbonisation of our economy using totally inappropriate technologies like inefficient weather-dependent renewables. I won’t repeat it all here and can only ask that you review it and its linked references with your critical thinking caps on. I will however recycle a few of the key arguments and add a few new ones. 

COP27 is upon us and climate activists have ramped up their nauseating climate propaganda. Despite this being the 27th such climate pantomime, global CO2 emissions and atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise year on year yet global temperatures have done little more than flatline for the past quarter century, punctuated by transient natural El Ninos as shown by satellite measurements of tropospheric temperatures which for technical reasons should be the first to show signs of any man-made global warming. 

If global temperatures are barely changing and are in fact showing a distinct cooling trend since 2016, why have TPTB suddenly claimed that we are in a “climate emergency”? Why do they use dishonest psychological techniques (just as in the Covid scam) to brainwash the people into joining their climate change cult? 

UN IPCC climate models predicting imminent Thermageddon have failed dismally, just like the SAGE/Neil Ferguson Covid computer models. The science reports of the UN IPCC are grossly exaggerated in the Summary Reports for Policymakers because they are written by political activists. The climate change hoax is only sustained by unscientific knee-jerk claims that random adverse weather events are due to “climate change”, coupled with unrelenting establishment propaganda and censorship of contrarian opinions, as also done for Covid

Independent analysist Paul Homewood debunks such climate scare stories with ease, turning the propagandists’ own official statistics against them. Independent scientist Clive Best proved years ago that record-breaking extreme weather events are mathematically certain to happen regularly somewhere or other in the world and as such are “totally meaningless”. 

In contrast to establishment propaganda, a recent study by leading scientists, explained in this lecture, has shown that the greenhouse gas warming effect of increasing atmospheric CO2 is negligible, totally negating TPTB’s official narrative. This study sits well with the obvious lack of evidence of man-made global warming over the last 80 years despite steadily rising emissions and atmospheric CO2 levels: the global cooling from the 1950s to the mid-1970s which led to fears of an impending ice age; then a spell of minor global warming in the 1980s and 90s; followed to the present time by a quarter century of global temperature flatlining while atmospheric CO2 levels soared to an “all-time” high

As a quick aside in case any addressees are challenged by the science of greenhouse gases, the following paragraph “dummy’s guide” may help. Anyone who is meekly acquiescing in having our entire way of life comprehensively trashed and our hard-won civic freedoms snatched away on a fake pretext such as Net Zero based on fraudulent UN IPCC pseudo-science really ought to try to understand it. 

When heat from the sun strikes the Earth, some is absorbed at the surface and some is reflected back towards space over a wide spectrum of infra-red (IR) radiation. The greenhouse gas effect comes about because so-called “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere – water vapour (H20) which is by far the most dominant, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and ozone (O3) – absorb some of this outgoing IR radiation and reflect it back down to the surface, thereby reducing the cooling that would otherwise happen if it went straight out to space. It is a characteristic of these greenhouse gases that they only absorb certain frequencies of the IR spectrum. Hopefully this will help to explain the radiance graphs. 

Unlike UN IPCC climate models which have always exaggerated global warming, this study shows stunning agreement with actual satellite measurements over hugely different areas of the earth’s surface (see 15:00 of the lecture). 

The study calculations show that a CO2 atmospheric concentration level of just 50ppm (parts per million) would give almost the same greenhouse gas warming effect as the current level of about 420ppm and that a doubling from the current level would make negligible difference. This is due to the well-known saturation effect (explained from 9:00).  

This explains why the Earth did not turn into a hot, waterless planet like Venus 750 million years ago when atmospheric CO2 levels were at 7000ppm. It also tallies with the evidence from the Vostok ice cores that increases in global temperatures in the distant past preceded increases in atmospheric CO2 levels, not the other way around. 

Incidentally, climate sceptics who argue that atmospheric CO2 cannot be a climate problem because its concentration level is so miniscule (0.04%) are on the wrong tack. Whereas the study shows that 50ppm of CO2 behaves almost the same as 420ppm, it also shows that a concentration of zero CO2 would make a big difference (~25%), making the planet cooler. 

The bottom line is there is no climate emergency and there is no good scientific reason why we shouldn’t continue to use our abundant (though finite) reserves of coal, oil and gas until such time as nuclear power can become dominant, rather than impoverish and freeze ourselves using unclean, unreliable, unsustainable, expensive, jobs-destroying, short lifespan so-called renewables. 

The study also shows that the greenhouse gas warming effects of atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide are negligible. Therefore there is no good scientific reason why we should eviscerate our farming industry and create deliberate food shortages by doing away with cattle, sheep and man-made fertilisers which is the diabolical TPTB plan, largely hidden from the public by the complicit MSM. 

For example, how many people know that tiny Holland is the world’s second largest food exporter and that the irresponsible Dutch government is planning to clear hundreds of farmers off the land, eventually thousands according to this report, to make way for a new Tristate city to house 45 million people? 

How many people know that the economy of Sri Lanka has recently been comprehensively trashed by the autocratic banning of man-made fertilisers in the name of “climate change”? The president who boasted about this policy as recently as at COP26 has had to flee the country for his safety. 

Supporting evidence from the Multivariate ENSO Index (El Nino Southern Oscillation) shows a predominance of El Nino warming events (red) from 1980 up to around the turn of the century, followed by a predominance of cooling La Ninas (blue) to the present time. This early ENSO graph shows a predominance of cooling La Ninas from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. Mariners were aware of these natural ENSO cycles centuries ago because of their influence on oceanic winds, proof that they have nothing to do with man-made CO2. 

Note how these temperature variations map neatly onto the natural cyclical swings of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) which has varied in lockstep with the more pronounced ups and downs of global land and sea temperatures over the past 170 years of observations yet has never been mentioned in any UN IPCC Summary Report for Policymakers. This is because the cherry-picking UN IPCC only concerns itself with alleged man-made risks to the climate (it’s there in the very first sentence), not climate change in the round including all natural influences. They never admit this in public yet have the brass neck to claim that “the science is settled”, simple proof that they are lying to us. 

If the AMO follows its normal pattern we will probably soon experience 20 to 30 years of global cooling, as occurred in the decades leading up to the mid-1970s. 

As to implementing Net Zero, my previous email explained how we have made negligible progress in trying to decarbonise the economy, mostly by smoke and mirrors offshoring of manufacturing to China and closing down coal-fired power stations in favour of gas. The following are some important recent works confirming this. 

The head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs recently put out a very revealing study relating to the so-called energy transition. He calculates that the fossil fuel share of overall energy consumption at the end of 2021 was 81%, clearly a million miles away from Net Zero, versus 82% ten years previously and that achieving that tiny transition had cost $3.8 trillion of investment in mostly short-lifespan, intermittent, natural resource depleting renewables. 

The fabled “energy transition” away from fossil fuels is clearly going nowhere

My previous post referred to the engineering calculations of former Chief Scientist Professor David MacKay which showed the impossibility of powering a modern industrial economy with intermittent weather-dependent renewables, ignored by all our politicians. A recent video by a Dutch engineer gives essentially the same message in pictures which even the technically-challenged should be able to understand. 

Finally, an excellent post which debunks the hugely expensive and impractical idea of using “green” hydrogen to replace natural gas, enthusiastically backed by Nicola Sturgeon

There is clearly no scientific or engineering justification for Net Zero. Ruling out insanity or religious mania as the driving force leaves the only logical conclusion that Net Zero has nothing to do with climate but has everything to do with control of the world population and global resources. 

The psychopaths of TPTB seem to think that humanity is wrecking the planet and needs to be severely constrained. Paraphrasing slightly, the Club of Rome said “the real enemy is humanity itself” and the founder of the UN IPCC said “our responsibility is to collapse Western civilisation”. The EU and USA are clearly set on this demented path. 

When Cruela von der Leyen announced sanctions against Putin’s energy exports she was surreptitiously in plain sight imposing them against the people of Europe, taking them all for fools. Putin now sells his energy to Asia and the rouble has strengthened. Hopefully the coming midwinter power cuts and food shortages will help to waken the people up. 

Demented Joe Biden said in 2019 “I guarantee you, we’re going to end fossil fuels“ and last February he promised he would stop Nord Stream 2 if Russia invaded Ukraine. There is much MSM speculation as to how both Nord Stream pipelines recently came to be destroyed but it is noticeable that the MSM has little to say about the catastrophic impact of the loss of this Russian gas on the people and economies of Europe, a crippling deficit that could last for years

It is possible that the pipeline damage was accidental due to human error but my bet is on it having been authorised by the reckless Biden, as discussed here, here and here. He has already sabotaged (peacefully) the Keystone oil pipeline in North America and is presiding over a US diesel crisis of his own making

Sunak plays his part kowtowing to TPTB by attending COP27 to spout twaddle that “there is no long-term prosperity without action on climate change” – just look at the derisive comments under that article. The truth is that economic growth needs cheap energy which is impossible while Net Zero remains in place. One of his first acts as PM was to reimpose the ban on fracking in the middle of this unprecedented energy crisis, deliberately choosing to make the crisis worse

If this WEF puppet had the slightest genuine concern for the wellbeing of the UK people, he would scrap fraudulent Net Zero, pull out of the nonsensical, TPTB-provoked war in Ukraine, sort out the broken NHS and put a stop to the illegal migrant invasion. He and Hunt even have the brass neck to blame our economic woes on the five-week tenure of Liz Truss, again taking us all for fools. 

The truth is that Sunak and his TPTB chums have brought the world economy to its knees with their skulduggeries on Covid, climate change and the Ukraine war plus all their “funny money” printing since the 2008 financial crisis (and before), with the UK now facing roaring inflation and its longest recession since the Great Depression. To cap it all, Sunak and his TPTB climate numpties including Nicola Sturgeon have opened the door to giving away $1 trillion in “climate reparations” for having created a non-existent climate problem. 

Years ago energy analyst Euan Mearns wrote presciently that our delusional climate change policies were driving the UK electricity system into an energy cul-de-sac. Now that we have suddenly reached a metaphorical brick wall blocking the road, it could take us “a decade or more” to back out of this dead end. The linked article refers to the demolition of the Longannet coal-fired power station, at which event headbanger-in-chief Nicola Sturgeon gleefully set off the charges. If we want to keep the lights on we had better start rebuilding asap. Some hopes here in Scotland

The anti-human TPTB seem intent on creating misery through deliberately-engineered energy and food shortages on the pretext of “climate change”. The death of millions of “useless eaters” (© Henry Kissinger) would probably be the icing on the cake for them. 

The indominable Neil Oliver gives a withering attack on the “fantasy spun from lies” of TPTB’s Malthusian climate change agenda in this 10-minute monologue. He notes the irony that the pop stars and media who promoted “Feed the World” in the 1980s are mostly full-square behind the Net Zero policies which are guaranteed to starve to death perhaps hundreds of millions all around the world in the name of “climate change”. This evil needs to be confronted. 

Watch the full show where Neil’s switched-on guests discuss his monologue in terms that used to be considered the ravings of conspiracy theorists (like me, down a rabbit hole). His following segment with Dr Ros Jones on Covid vaccine safety skulduggery is also shockingly revealing, more here

Covid and the vaccines

To me it is obvious that Covid was a premeditated, globally-coordinated TPTB plan to inflict grievous harm on the general public, launched as a “quick fire” action because their climate change scam wasn’t producing the results they wanted fast enough. I’ve already expressed this point of view in various posts, for example here, here and here. I’ll restrict myself now to a brief bullet point summary of why I am sure that everything about Covid was a carefully-choreographed pack of lies. 

It was clear from the start, e.g. from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and early studies by top epidemiologist Professor John Ioannidis that SARS-CoV-2 was not a dangerous virus, so politicians cannot get off with saying they were just playing safe in uncertain times. The following questions are just a few of the tell-tale giveaways that it was all planned: 

  • Was it mere coincidence that a Bill Gates/WEF coronavirus pandemic planning exercise (Event 201, more context here) took place just before SARS-CoV-2 appeared for real? 
  • What on earth was safe about extending “three weeks to flatten the curve” to a year and more of lockdowns causing massive societal and economic collateral damage? 
  • Why did so many countries all around the world ban safe and effective Covid early treatment drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
  • Why did the UK use vastly more than normal quantities of the “end of life treatment” drug midazolam in early 2020, falsely attributing the ensuing deaths to Covid? 
  • Why did TPTB not lift their restrictions in summer 2020 when Covid had fizzled out instead of doubling down (an October 2020 open letter to Nicola Sturgeon, before I had fully joined all the dots on the Covid skulduggery) with further fearmongering restrictions and a massive test programme using their unfit-for-purpose PCR equipment to create a scary “casedemic”, followed by scary SAGE predictions of deadly new waves which never materialised? 
  • Why do TPTB continue to insist that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective” despite all the evidence showing that they are horrendously unsafe and ineffective? Why do they dismiss public demand for a proper inquiry into Covid vaccine safety? 
  • Why do TPTB insist on forcing their unsafe and ineffective Covid vaccines on children who are at negligible risk from the virus? 

I believe that the shockingly simple answer to these questions is that they wanted to force the entire population to take the Covid vaccines to get them hooked on vaccine passports which could then be morphed into social credit Digital IDs as a means to impose all manner of totalitarian control on the people. These Malthusian criminals would have known that the Covid vaccines are toxic by design so the ensuing population cull, ongoing and future due to the vaccine adverse effects on fertility, is probably the icing on the cake for them. 

Data analysist Joel Smalley of “Dead Man Talking” illustrates the Covid vaccines disaster in a simple and shocking graph of cumulative excess deaths which after a pandemic has passed with a supposedly successful vaccination programme ought to have levelled off or fallen but for some uninvestigated reason stays stubbornly high

Thankfully the public is belatedly starting to wise up (I couldn’t find a UK equivalent) despite the lying, stonewallingsafe and effective” mantra from TPTB and their censorship of evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately for TPTB, censorship can’t prevent people noticing (Twitter can translate) when so many fully-vaccinated, immune system-impaired acquaintances succumb again and again to “Covid” and others suffer abnormal and unexpectedhealth problems or sadly die


International lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and his colleagues completed their 8-day “model proceeding” Grand Jury trial of Covid crimes against humanity in June which I expect most people missed, as I did myself. Over the past 18 months they have amassed a huge volume of evidence of malfeasance from a wide range of experts, recorded here. I’ll restrict this to Dr Fuellmich’s 35-minute closing legal arguments. He doesn’t mince his words. The transcript is available here

One of the main points he brings out is that TPTB’s skulduggery has been primarily motivated by the dire state of the world’s financial system, brought about by their own incompetence and described in this earlier testimony. TPTB are terrified that we, the people, will rise up against them when the inevitable financial meltdown occurs, which is why they want to enchain us with CCP-style digital straitjackets and programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies, again with the wretched Bill Gates to the fore

I urge everyone to take the time watch or read the arguments of Dr Fuellmich and the following works and to stop complying with TPTB and their puppet politicians and instead start resisting their unacceptable overreach

  • The testimony of an archbishop well versed in human frailties in conversation with Dr Reiner Fuellmich (audio and transcript) 
  • Died Suddenly” (of the Covid vaccines) official trailer, not for the faint-hearted 
  • The Plan” (for 10 years of WHO pandemics and a tyrannical New World Order), by Stop World Control 
  • Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil“, a collection of essays (including one of my own) on the Covid “plandemic”, by The White Rose 
  • Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion” (to counter The Big Shut Up on Covid vaccines), by retired media executive Mark Sharman 
  • I accuse, a short video in which retired Pfizer executive Dr Mike Yeadon accuses named pharma ex colleagues of Covid crimes against humanity 
  • An important message from Mike Yeadon to give context to his accusations. Check out the hundreds of comments 
  • Watch honest journalist Naomi Wolf talk about “conspiracy theorywomen’s health issues caused by the Covid vaccines 
  • Watch a Pfizer executive admit that they never tested their vaccines against transmission, thereby nullifying the coercive Covid vaccine passport policies
  • Their house of cards is tumbling down … this was never about public health”, by a rebel German politician who has joined all the dots on Covid

I hope you agree that the very least we need is a referendum on Net Zero and assurance that a fake pandemic scare like Coronavirus can never be inflicted on us again. 

Yours faithfully, 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 10 November 2022