Net Zero Is a Preposterous, Unachievable Fraud

By Doug Brodie

I am sick and tired of being continuously oppressed and abused by unaccountable, misanthropic WEF/UN/WHO/Big Money tyrants and their puppet politicians. The average UK domestic energy bill is now predicted to hit £7,700 a year by 2023 to eat up over three quarters of the state pension and some business users face energy bill increases of 500%. Our misguided climate and energy policies have been pushing up energy prices and electricity prices (slide 7) for years. The Ukraine war and self-harming Western sanctions against Russia have suddenly shown up the impracticality of rapidly cutting back on natural gas and Net Zero has made the horrendous energy crisis we now face even worse.

To everyone who has disparaged me as a “climate change crank” for daring to speak out against the so-called climate consensus, I say: “Today’s chaos shows that I was right all along and you were wrong for failing to question the obviously-flawed climate cult narrative”.

My colleague Joel Smalley is like-minded about the political overreach that has been imposed on us over the past 2½ years, asking “Are you ready for the revolution?”.

This email is as usual based on facts and information you are unlikely to see in the biased MSM (excluding GB News) and will hopefully lead more people to share my conclusion that the fairy tale “climate change Emperor” is not dressed in a suit of fine clothes but is actually stark naked.

To me it is blindingly obvious that politicians have been lying to us and feeding us false propaganda about “climate change”, aka alleged man-made global warming, aided and abetted by the corrupt, paid for mainstream media (MSM). Sadly, the lies and propaganda have been so all-pervasive and effective that many people have swallowed the “official narrative” hook line and sinker, just as many people swallowed the Covid “plandemic” lies and psy‑ops propaganda. These Covid and climate change lies and false propaganda are blisteringly exposed by my fellow “conspiracy theorist” Neil Oliver in his two-part GB News monologue here and here.

I’m not sure if all the politicians who support the climate change agenda are actually lying – maybe they are just “useful idiots” who have themselves swallowed the climate change propaganda funded and promulgated from on high by the likes of the Bill Gates Foundation, the George Soros Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and UN Climate Envoy (chief propagandist) Mark Carney. It would be helpful if any of the politicians on my anonymous Bcc list would speak up in reply.

For many years I have been warning of how as a nation we have been sleepwalking into an energy infrastructure catastrophe because of our self-sabotaging climate change policies. Here are a few of my past emails and posts which use the word “sleepwalking” in this context, all of which received nothing but a dismissive fobbing‑off or even no reply at all, as Kathy Gyngell recently experienced at the hands of Covid fanatic Michael Gove who by an odd coincidence (not) is also a climate change fanatic:

  • my 2015 email “An Energy Strategy for Scotland” sent to Murdo Fraser MSP and his Holyrood energy committee,
  • my 2018 post Do politicians ever listen? hosted by my friend John Graham, sent to various MPs and MSPs,
  • my 2018 email “The Climate Change Act wastes £ hundreds of billions” sent to then Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and others,
  • my 2018 email “The nonsensical infeasibility of our climate and energy policies” sent to various MPs and MSPs,
  • my 2021 post The Futility of Net Zero hosted by my friend Ed Hoskins, sent to various MPs and MSPs.


Surely, after the belatedly dawning realisation that our politicians have abused us and lied to us about Covid and vaccines over the past 2½ years, it is time to wake up to the reality that they have also lied to us about “climate change” over the climatically uneventful past 20‑30 years.

A prime example of such lying is given by this recent Boris Johnson tweet, with video, in which he claims we are making “good progress” on his fantasy target of achieving Net Zero by 2050. I use the word “lying” with care because I assume he cannot possibly be so stupid as to believe the scripted words he utters, unless his scientific advisor script-writers are all unbelievably stupid as well. I therefore believe that he is saying it and doing it to deliberately damage the economy and make us all poorer, just as he has done through his alleged Covid-19 crimes against humanity, a complaint lodged by Dr Mike Yeadon et al with the ICC at The Hague. It all comes back to the Malthusian 1991 Club of Rome statement that “the real enemy is humanity itself”, also picked up here in the Reiner Fuellmich Covid‑19 crimes against humanity model proceedings trial.

If only politicians had listened to the late UK Chief Scientific Advisor Professor Sir David MacKay we would not now be facing an energy infrastructure “horror story. In his online book Sustainable energy – without the hot air, he used simple engineering calculations to show the impossibility of powering a modern industrial economy with intermittent weather-dependent renewables which wreaker Johnson has imposed on us. Professor MacKay’s indisputably sensible advice was wilfully ignored by our political class for a previously unfathomable ulterior motive which has only now been revealed through their evil Covid skulduggeries. More comments on this theme here.

To debunk the nonsense spouted in Boris Johnson’s tweet I’ll restrict myself to just a few key points:

  • Claiming that we are making “good progress” on Net Zero is a whopper of a lie. After more than a decade of self-harming striving on the UK Climate Change Act we have made hardly any inroads on reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, the world as a whole even less, as I explained using the latest energy statistics in this post, see “More evidence against the climate change scam”. This is unsurprising because the intermittency of renewables always requires dispatchable fossil fuel power for grid balancing and backup. Read this paper by Professor Michael Kelly spelling out simple reasons why Net Zero is unachievable. See this global data showing how renewable energy has failed catastrophically, debunking the mindless praise of renewables by nitwits like Boris Johnson.
  • Claiming that the cost of failing to achieve Net Zero by 2050 will be “much, much greater” is another whopper of a lie. For unjustified reasons the government has committed to pursuing ruinous Net Zero unilaterally while countries like China and India continue to build hundreds of cheap and effective new coal-fired power stations which will still be running sixty years from now. Boris Johnson must know this means that our puny effort to “tackle climate change” (the UK emits just 1% of global CO2 emissions) will make not one iota of difference globally, even if the dodgy science on man-made CO2 global warming could be trusted, which it can’t. Bear in mind that the UN IPCC is only mandated to study the risks of human, not natural, influences on climate, a massive shortcoming which they never explain to the public, lying by omission.
  • The alleged £22 billion “investment” Johnson refers to is most probably money down the drain, as may well be brutally demonstrated this coming winter.
  • Extoling the supposed benefits of heat pumps is totally false propaganda. This compilation of posts by my colleague Paul Homewood shows that heat pumps are a useless technology for retrospectively-installed home heating which will save negligible net fossil fuel consumption and will only make us colder and poorer.
  • Extoling the supposed benefits of electric cars is totally false propaganda. This compilation of posts by Paul Homewood shows that electric cars save only marginal (if any) net fossil fuel consumption, at huge mineral resource, environmental and ecological cost. Mark Steyn parodies the nonsense of electric cars in his Lithium Lies segment. See also this analysis of the impossible global metal resources that would be needed to fulfil the fantasy green energy transition.
  • Subsequent to his tweet, after years of rising energy and electricity prices thanks to our ruinous climate and energy policies, Johnson has the brass neck to say we must “endure” sky-high energy bills to defeat Putin in Biden’s deliberately or needlessly-provoked war in Ukraine.


The wilfully-ignored “elephant in the room” problem with being heavily dependent on weather-dependent renewables is that we will inevitably face days or even weeks on end of negligible wind to drive wind turbines and negligible sun to power solar panels, most probably in cold dark midwinter when demand for power is greatest. You don’t need a degree in power system engineering to see that this is a show-stopping problem, especially after we have shut down so many coal power stations, sought to make gas power stations uneconomic in favour of unreliable renewables and stalled on nuclear. Supply from international interconnectors cannot be relied upon to help out because, as we know, a large stalled anti-cyclone which could cause this problem can easily encompass our neighbouring continental countries as well.

Climate alarmists pretend that grid-scale battery storage will come to the rescue but this is “pie in the sky”. The national grid is already supplied with some very expensive battery systems but these are designed to last for just minutes to smooth transient interruptions and are many orders of magnitude short of covering a dearth of supply from weather-dependent renewables lasting for days or even weeks, especially after these renewables have been rolled out to become the main supply as saboteur-in-chief Johnson wants to push through.

The “magical thinking” behind our madcap climate and energy policies is exposed by this article. It shows why the world is nowhere near ready to “transition” away from fossil fuels as demanded by climate alarmists, as I and many others have been saying for years. It calculates that storing just two days-worth of the USA’s electricity supply would require about 1,000 years of the annual production of Tesla’s Gigafactory, the world’s largest battery factory. This and similar calculations have simply been ignored by climate alarmists.

Why on earth do climate cultists persist in their futile, self-harming policies? Is it deliberate sabotage? Are they psychologically deranged, so unable to accept the obvious mega-folly of their failed policies involving so many national and international bodies over so many years that they double-down on their delusional obsession to make things even worse? 

An implausible explanation of why politicians are still trying to push through Net Zero is suggested by HL Mencken’s quotation “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary”.

I believe the real reason they are pushing Net Zero is wholly malign, as expressed by the Club of Rome quotation above and as evidenced by the deadly abuse our politicians have inflicted on the people through their evil machinations on the Covid “plandemic” and their needlessly-provoked war of distraction in Ukraine. I go along with the prediction recently advanced (at 36:00) by Dr Mike Yeadon that they will use climate change as a pretext to start rationing food and fuel after their obviously deliberate efforts to reduce the supply of both (as documented in my prior emails), to try to coerce us into accepting Digital Ids which they will then use to try to neuter us.

In case I’m totally wrong on this it would be helpful if any of the politicians on my Bcc list could set me straight and explain what exactly is going through the heads of these Net Zero climate change ideologues. It seems to me that if they are not acting with malign intent, they must be mentally ill. Either way, they need to be stopped.

In case any of the more deeply-brainwashed members of the public still think that we ought to support the government on Net Zero in order to “do something” about alleged man-man global warming, bearing in mind that no amount of self-flagellating privations we in the UK impose on ourselves will make the slightest difference globally even if the UN IPCC’s flawed climate science which only covers human influences were to be trusted, the following are a few antidotes to quell such thoughts.

Firstly, here are 50 years of failed climate change predictions compiled by The White Rose, nicely complemented by this slick presentation set to song.

Secondly, unreported by the corrupt and complicit BBC, a large number of scientists including 235 professors have recently signed the World Climate Declaration to proclaim “There is no climate emergency”. One of these professors sums up my feelings exactly:

I’m sick. Or, to put it even more clearly: I’m fed up with permanent and increasingly religious climate ramblings, fantasies about the energy transition, worship of electric cars, horror stories and doomsday scenarios from Corona to conflagrations and weather disasters. I can’t stand the people who shout into microphones and cameras, or print it in newspapers every day. I suffer from having to see how science is turned into a whore of politics.

Oddly enough I was prompted to write this email by the innocuous TCW article Meet Auntie Cyclone, the Met Office’s new Heatwave Nanny. As well as covering Met Office nannying and the current practice of making a highly unscientific drama out of whatever is the bad weather event of the day, be it drought, flooding, wildfires, storm, heatwave or giant hailstones, the article lists devastating UK extreme weather events which occurred in past centuries, far worse than anything we are experiencing now as documented in this compilation of posts by Paul Homewood. There is a very good reason why such events happened in these times which goes directly counter to the fearmongering of the climate alarmists.

The low temperatures of the UK Little Ice Age are the surprising explanation. In fact this is exactly as would be expected scientifically due to the strengthened thermal gradients which then prevailed across the then colder UK latitudes. To put it charitably, climate propagandists are simply making up their scare stories as they go along. The strength of Paul Homewood’s analyses is that he uses publicly-available official statistics to make his points, all the more effective when, for example, he uses the Met Office’s own data to debunk Met Office false climate propaganda.

Anyone still worried by fearmongering that the Greenland ice sheet could melt should refer to this compilation of posts. Remember there is nothing we could do about it anyway because China and India et al are not going to follow suit on committing hara-kiri. Bear in mind that within a few millennia ourprecarious Northern civilisation will probably be buried under a thick sheet of glacial ice.

Contrary to alarmist fearmongering, global temperatures are more or less unchanged from what they were about 25 years ago despite steadily increasing allegedly dangerous atmospheric CO2. Negligible global temperature change obviously means negligible global climate change, again contrary to all the unscientific alarmist fearmongering. I surmise that we are currently in the waning warm phase of the cyclical Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) which has varied in lockstep with the ups and downs of global land and sea temperatures over the past 170 years of recorded measurements. Disgracefully, the AMO has never been mentioned in any UN IPCC summary report for policymakers – I’ve searched through them all electronically. That censoring tells you all you need to know about their lack of ethics and underhand motives.

If it follows its previous regular patterns, the AMO will soon enter its cooling phase and global temperatures will cool in lockstep. According to an advisory council member of Lord Lawson’s climate thinktank, the next warming phase will not start again until about 2050, ironically the target date for the pointless Net Zero emissions policy.

The apparatchiks of the UN IPCC have never hidden their aim of undemocratic, bureaucratic world governance on the pretext of “saving the planet”. In 2015 its General Secretary said that their goal was to “intentionally transform the [global] economic development model” in place “since the Industrial Revolution”. In their frantic push to achieve this goal they totally “jumped the shark” in their 2018 1.5º Special Report by calling for mind-bogglingly impossible CO2 emissions cuts within farcically impossible timescales, namely that “global net human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) need to fall by about 45% from 2010 levels by 2030, reaching ‘net zero’ around 2050”.

The complicit MSM and establishment chattering classes simply ignored the show-stopping implications of these new targets. Global CO2 emissions hit a record high in 2021, showing that the UN IPCC’s special report was all about political skulduggery and nothing to do with climate. Why any thinking person would believe anything these charlatans say about climate is beyond me.

All of the above evidence shows that Net Zero is an insult to the intelligence, a preposterous, unachievable fraud. Yet with rationing, blackouts and economic destruction looming due to our ruinous energy policies, no politician except David Kurten has even suggested scrapping pointless, destructive Net Zero. All that the main parties have come up with so far is inconsequential tinkering around the edges. Reform’s Richard Tice has a bold plan except that his 30-minute presentation (starts about 5½ minutes in) makes no mention of “climate change”, Net Zero or the ESG regulations designed to throttle fossil fuel energy production and discourage new investment. Note his slide at 17:20 showing how the price of electricity has risen steadily over the years as the deployment of expensively-subsidised renewables has increased.

Why are the mainstream parties so reluctant to junk their precious, pointless Net Zero? Could it be because it affords an easy opportunity to impose totalitarian control (see the Mike Yeadon prediction above) now that their Covid “plandemic” is spent, with “all the juice wrung out of it”? Why do you think so many WEF/UN puppets are suddenly intent on forcing drastic reductions in their national food production which could lead to “economic devastation and widespread famine” on the pretext of “tackling climate change”? Why does the corrupt, complicit MSN not even mention this malign development or report on the massive farmer protests that are taking place all over the world?

I recently watched the anti-Nazi film “The Man with the Iron Heart” which brought to mind the recent Open letter to the German Bundestag by my colleague Margaret Anna Alice. It seems to me that many of our smooth-talking modern-day “führers” are just as bad as the Nazis. Goebbels would surely praise their psy-ops propaganda skills.

Open your eyes and wake up! Read the summary evidence from the Reiner Fuellmich grand jury proceedings which reveals the agenda for totalitarian global domination. Don’t let these people get away with their evil, blatantly obvious Covid and Net Zero “crimes against humanity”.

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