Never Expect the Truth from the Great Reset Advocates

The following are excerpts from a recent interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:

Since we cannot expect the Great Reset conspirators to tell us clearly what their final goal is – since it is something unmentionable and criminal – we can nevertheless reconstruct the mens, the thought that guides their actions by knowing the principles that inspire their actions and backing them up with their own words. And we are also able to understand that the reasons given are only pretexts. And yet the pretexts, as they are presented, demonstrate malice and premeditation, for if their plan were honest and good, they would not need to disguise it with illogical and incoherent excuses.

But what is this Great Reset? It is the forced imposition of a fourth industrial revolution that will lead the present economic and social system to implosion, and will allow, through a general impoverishment and a drastic reduction of the population, the centralisation of power in the hands of an elite of aspirants to immortality and world domination. They would like to reduce us to an amorphous mass of clients/slaves confined in boxes and perpetually connected to the network.

Through the Great Reset, they want to erase Western Christian society in order to establish a liberal-communist synarchy on the model of the Chinese dictatorship, in which the entire population is controlled and manoeuvrable at will. In a society inspired, if even only in a small way by Catholic values, the financial power groups and the New World Order elite would have no place. But this should not lead us to believe that their opposition to Christian society is merely economically and politically motivated. In reality, what triggers this hatred is that there might be, even in the most remote corner of the planet, a possible alternative to the globalist dystopia, a world in which the employer can honestly pay his employees, in which the state imposes reasonable taxes on its citizens, in which charities render services free of charge and without speculation, in which the innocence of children is respected and LGBTQ+ propaganda is not permitted. A world in which the Social Reign of Jesus Christ is shown to be not only possible, but the best form of society, administered for the common good and for the glory of God.

The mere existence of a term of comparison is a burning disavowal of the globalist deception, showing its horror and failure. The lies about the need for lockdowns are disavowed by the evidence that where they have not been adopted, there have been fewer cases of serious illness than where closures and curfews have been imposed. Lies about the effectiveness of the gene serum are debunked by cases of re-infection of multi-vaccinated people, serious adverse reactions, sudden deaths. The lies about the “sovereign people” and inviolable human rights have been debunked by absurd rules, unconstitutional norms, discriminatory laws in the silence of the judiciary. (…)

The globalist world has no future. Or rather: the future it intends to give us is the darkest and most terrifying that the human mind can conceive. The future it presents to us is false and unrealizable. “I don’t have a house, I don’t own anything, and I’m happy,” Schwab and the promoters of Agenda 2030 try to convince us. But their aim is not to make us happy – which will not happen in time, of course – but to take away our homes and possessions. When they talk to us about pacifism and disarmament, it is not because they want peace, but because, being disarmed and without ideals, we will let ourselves be invaded and dominated without reacting. By imposing welcome and “inclusiveness” on us – adopting an insider’s lexicon – they do not want us to really welcome and integrate people from other cultures and religions, but they want to create the premises for social disorder and the consequent disappearance of our traditions and our Faith.

When they talk to us about “resilience,” they are not telling us that they will protect us from the disasters that threaten us, but that we must resign ourselves to absorbing them without protest. When they accuse us of extremism or fundamentalism, it is only because they know that the faithful and the citizens with noble and holy ideals can resist, organise opposition, spread dissent. And when they impose on us a mass inoculation with a gene serum that has no efficacy but many serious and deadly side effects, they do so not for our health, but to modify our DNA and make us chronically ill, with a permanently compromised immune system and a life expectancy lower than the average healthy person. And to introduce into our bodies – as we have learned from the complaint recently filed by Attorney Carlo Alberto Brusa – self-assembling graphene nanostructures, capable of making us geolocatable, including the military.

Never expect the truth from the Great Reset advocates. For where there is no Christ, there can be no Truth, and we know how much they hate Our Lord. A hatred they cannot hide, which they display in the inauguration shows of European events (think of the inauguration of the St Gothard tunnel in Switzerland or the London Olympic Games, and very recently the inauguration of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham), in the “recommendations” not to celebrate Christmas and not to use Christian names for our children. Their hatred becomes murderous when they theorise abortion as a “human right,” hiding its atrocity behind the hypocritical expression of “reproductive health:” because it is life that they hate, in which they see the image and likeness of that God they have lost forever.

This image and likeness is much deeper than we think. They consist in the Trinitarian dimension of man, with his faculties that refer to the Three Divine Persons: memory (the Father), intelligence (the Son), and will (the Holy Spirit). And just as in the Most Holy Trinity, the Holy Ghost is the Love that proceeds from the Father and the Son, so in man the will is the faculty that comes from the memory of things past and the understanding of things present. It is no coincidence that in the hellish reversal of the contemporary world, man finds himself deprived of his memories, history and traditions (think of Cancel Culture and demands for ‘forgiveness’ for falsified or distorted actions of our past), unable to express critical judgement (think of the cognitive dissonance generated by psychopandemia) and unable to order his will by subordinating it to intelligence (think of the inability to react to imposed evil or to the good of which we are deprived). (…)

It is impossible to believe those who ask us to eat grasshoppers and cockroaches to save the planet, while they eat precious pieces of Kobe beef, or to abandon the diesel car, while they travel in private jets (there are hundreds of them in Davos during the World Economic Forum summits!).

We must rediscover this dimension of realism and objectivity, which they have made us lose step by step, or which they have taught us to be ashamed of. We are milites Christi, soldiers of Christ, called to fight an enemy who would like to strike us in the back or make us desert cowardly, because he knows that when he fights us openly, behind us he finds the Immaculate Virgin, terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata. This Mother whom the Enemy hates in all the mothers of the earth, this Wife of the Lamb whom he vilifies by attacking the sanctity of Marriage and domestic virtues, this Woman whom he humiliates by disfiguring femininity or making an obscene parody of it.

The globalist doctrine is essentially satanic, because it is the most direct and implacable social and global application of the rebellion of Satan. We find in it that hybris, that defiance of Heaven which classical civilisation – still pagan but preordained to the advent of Christ’s message in the fullness of time – had wisely stigmatized and which brings us back to the rebellion of Lucifer. Hybris, the foolish pride of those who believe themselves to be like God and usurp the divine attributes, leads science today to deny its vocation to serve the good in order to place it at the service of the New Order, to accomplish with technological progress what was unthinkable in the past: to erase the separation between man and machine, between his mind and artificial intelligence.

It is therefore not surprising that transhumanism is one of the key points of Agenda 2030. Behind this crazy project of getting hold of creation and even daring to alter the sanctuary of consciousness into which only God descends with His Grace; behind this plan to violate the human being in order to “make him more efficient” there is, once again, a doctrinal aberration, a lie opposed to the Truth of God. To create an immortal being – as some would have it – is the technological reissue of an infernal delirium, at the base of which is the presumption of being able to erase in man the consequences of Original Sin. Where Adam’s sin brought death and disease, the deception of transhumanism promises immortality and health; where it led to the weakening of the intellect and the evil inclination of the will, the fraud of the machine-man promises access to knowledge and the possibility of being one’s own law. Where sin led to work fatigue, war and epidemics, the globalist dystopia promises a universal income, peace and the prevention of all diseases.

But death, disease, the weakening of the intellect and the evil inclination of the will, work fatigue, war and epidemics, are the just punishment for the infinite offence that all humanity, in its Progenitors, has caused to the Majesty of God by disobeying Him. He who deludes himself into believing that there are no consequences for this disobedience, does not want to accept his own degradation or recognise the work of Redemption of Jesus Christ, who came to earth propter nos homines et propter nostram salutem, dying on the Cross to redeem us from the yoke of Satan. (…)

Understanding that there may be evil people who deliberately choose to side with Lucifer against God is the first step we must take if we are to resist the gigantic coup that is underway. These people are, in a sense, Satan’s “mystical body” and act to spread evil in the world and blot out the name of Christ: just as the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Church, acts in the Communion of Saints to spread Grace and glorify the Name of God. Again, civitas diaboli and Civitas Dei. If we believe that the pandemic emergency has been handled by incompetents and not by cynical exterminators, we are completely on the wrong track. Equally so if we believe that our leaders are not subservient to this elite of criminals, usurers and subversives, even though they have their careers thanks to them.

There was a time when it was normal for the subjects of a Christian kingdom to live according to the divine commandments, in which abortion, divorce, sodomy and usury were forbidden. That world, thanks to the slow and patient work of the conspirators, has been replaced by this one – which is not yet completely theirs – in which powers that derive their legitimacy neither from God nor from the people rule. And these powers prevent everything that was previously encouraged and rewarded, and encourage what was forbidden and punished. (…)

Dear friends, your task – like that of many people of good will in so many other nations – is a sacred and very important one. It is the task of rebuilding, restoring, edifying. Exactly the opposite of what the followers of the civitas diaboli know how to do, capable only of destroying, demolishing, piling up rubble. And to rebuild, we must start again from the foundations, which are the foundations of the social edifice, placing Christ as the cornerstone, the keystone.

Remember that this perverse and corrupt generation has no future: it is a victim of its own blindness, its own sterility, its own inability to generate. Because to give life is a divine work, and this applies as much to the life of the body as to that of the soul; whereas the devil is only capable of giving death, and with it the dull despair of the soul torn from its ultimate and supreme end, which is God.

Be sure: the New World Order will not prevail. Its devastating fury that would reduce the world’s population to half a billion human beings will not prevail. His hatred for unborn life and for life that is dying out will not prevail. His plan of tyranny will not prevail. For it is precisely in the deprivation of the Good that we realise the price of what has been taken from us and find the determination and strength to fight and resist.

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