New Flyer: ‘Questions You Might Be Asking’

Below is our new flyer for you to read, download and share! Credits to Bruce Sawford for writing it. (A short story by the same author is featured in the book Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil.)

Bruce says: I tried to create a hand-out flyer that people would actually read and consider. I took a fresh approach, and we put the A5 copies on tables in cafés in town and stood back to see what happened. It worked. Most times flyers just get ignored after a few seconds, but this time we saw them actually being read and discussed.

Download here: Questions Flyer A4 single and Questions Flyer A5 double

Questions You Might Be Asking About Covid

Why does the government want to inject you against a virus that independent experts say is no more dangerous than the flu?

Why are the drug companies now saying the vaccines won’t help with catching, passing on, surviving or recovering from covid? What’s the point of taking them?

Why have an estimated 20 million people died worldwide after receiving the jabs, many of them children?

Why, according to official figures, are nine out of ten covid patients entering hospital fully vaccinated? Weren’t we told that the unvaccinated would be hit the hardest?

Why have so many jabbed women become infertile, and why has the likelihood of miscarriage risen from 11% to sometimes as high as 90%?

Why is none of this being reported by mainstream media—in particular the BBC? In short, what is going on?

You may by now have guessed that the driving force behind all this is not exactly friendly. Indeed, massive resistance has been building across the world since 2020. Many people have already discovered what’s going on and hopefully, this will encourage you to start your own investigations.

Sometimes it’s worth asking the important questions.

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