New Lockdown in Shanghai: Children Taken from Their Parents and Food Shortages

Due to a rise in covid cases, Shanghai, China’s largest city, has gone into full lockdown.

But, is this all because of a test that is not fit for purpose?

Aren’t most people that count as a case perfectly well?

Doesn’t a full lockdown do much more harm?

How many people in Shanghai are now suffering from hunger?

Is this another show for the world, so that we all get used to being forced into lockdowns—perhaps with other excuses, such as ‘climate change’?

Will the West follow China in imposing major covid lockdowns again?

As you have likely heard by now, China has implemented another lockdown on millions of residents. Just over two years removed from the first fateful lockdown of Wuhan, the regime has locked down the biggest city in China – Shanghai.

The new development has people worried that the trend will return to the relatively “free world” in the coming weeks or months. I say “relatively free” because any society where you are worried about being locked down is not really free.

It is worrisome to see the scenes from Shanghai.

Nonetheless, we can trust information out of China about as much as we can trust information out of North Korea. That being said, we can probably trust information out of North Korea more than China considering the resources and brain power available in China that can be used to deceive.

Independent journalist Jordan Schachtel opined that it “remains unclear” if China has decided to do this for reasons of a virus, or because they are testing some method of social engineering.

One thing’s for sure,” he wrote, “the Shanghai lockdown showcases the horrors of a governing regime having complete control over a society.”

There are reports from Reuters about covid-positive children being separated from parents, as well.

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Shanghai: Residents ‘running out of food’ in Covid lockdown

Some residents under lockdown in Shanghai say they are running out of food, amid the city’s biggest-ever covid outbreak.

Residents are confined to their homes, banned from leaving for even essential reasons such as grocery shopping.

Nearly 20,000 cases were reported on Thursday in China’s biggest city – another near-record high.

Officials have admitted the city is facing “difficulties” but say they are trying to improve this.

But public anger is also being stoked by other drastic measures – such as the removal of children from their parents if they test positive.

Shanghai officials later responded by allowing parents who were also infected to accompany their children to isolation centres.

However, according to a Reuters report, there are still complaints over children separated from parents who were not covid-positive.

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Horror Show in Shanghai: Babies Taken from Parents to Quarantine Centers, Drones and Police Dogs Patrol Deserted Streets in China’s Largest City

In early 2020, something happened that changed the course of the world and affected everyone’s life forever.

And no, it was not the outbreak of a deadly new coronavirus.

It was the fear over a deadly new virus that authorities in China used to convince over 50 million people in the Wuhan City area to voluntarily lock themselves down in response to that fear.

The plan worked, perhaps better than anyone had ever imagined, and it became the blueprint for the rest of the world, as nearly every other country in the world followed suit and began to lock down their populations, and the world has never been the same since.

Well don’t relax now and believe that the worst is now behind us, because it appears that covid 2.0 has just been unleashed in China, as their largest city of 25 million people is now in their 10th day of lockdowns, all over an increase in new “cases” of people testing positive for covid.

And it appears that the medical tyrannical police state has only gotten worse, as babies and young children who are testing positive are being separated from their parents by force and put into quarantine hospitals, as people cooped up in their apartments and homes complain through their windows as drones fly overhead telling them to “Control your soul’s thirst for freedom” and close their windows. (Source.)

Is Shanghai the new test city for covid 2.0 that is coming soon to a city near you?

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Getting crazy in locked down Shanghai (Carl Vernon/YT):

Dystopian orders coming from a drone: “Control the soul’s desire for freedom”.