New Rules about Protests and Demonstrations in the UK

By Vernon Coleman

These are the new rules about protesting or demonstrating in the UK.

If your protest is designed to support myths proposed by the conspirators (such as the global warming myth) and is likely to cause delays, disruption and economic harm to a large number of people then the police will be instructed to protect and defend your right to protest. If you want to glue yourself to a road or an ambulance the police will be told to provide you with whatever help you need; they will probably squeeze out the glue for you if you ask them nicely. And if you want to drive along a motorway at 5 mph the police will probably give you an escort and join in fore and aft. Slow moving convoys help use up nasty fossil fuels, keep the air rich in poisonous vapours, wreck the economy by interfering with productivity and push up prices.

If, however, your protest is a peaceful one, which does not inconvenience the public but which airs truths about the conspirators’ lies, covid frauds, vaccine dangers and so on then the police will be present in large numbers, and organisers and demonstrators will be harassed, frightened and arrested.

There, that’s simple enough, isn’t it?

Now we all know where we are.

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