New, Scary Flu Jab

Transcript: It’s July 2022 and this is video number 315.

I want to tell you how a brand new novel flu vaccine is being tested because I think you should know. And because I think it shines a bright light on how new drugs and vaccines are tested. And because I think something very, very dangerous might happen.

The National Institutes in the United States has just published information about a trial examining the safety and effectiveness of a new inactivated whole virus universal influenza vaccine. It’s called BPL 1357 and the BPL refers to betaproprolactone which is used as a disinfectant to destroy the nucleic acid core of viruses.

The first thing you should know is that the initial study will involve 45 participants.


Now this immediately screams at me because a trial involving 45 people isn’t enough to mean diddly squat.

And actually only 30 of the patients will have the vaccine. Fifteen will have the vaccine intramuscularly and 15 will have it intra-nasally. And 15 will have placebo.

Here’s the first problem.

If 1 in 100 people drops down dead within a day of having this new vaccine the chances are that no one will drop down dead in this trial because there are only 45 people involved and only 30 of them are going to be anywhere near the drug and only 15 – that’s 15 as the number of people in a rugby team – will have the drug jabbed into them.

And if 1 in 1000 people has a heart attack and dies within a day of having this jab it is very unlikely that anyone will die during this trial.

But what worries me is that governments and drug companies are these days rolling out new products very quickly. And most doctors can be bought with big fees and don’t care.

So, here’s my worry.

If this new vaccine against the flu is rolled out to a billion people – and these days that seems to be the trend – and 1 in 1000 have heart attacks and drop dead then a million people will die.

And if 1 in 1000 develops myocarditis, and 1 in 1000 have facial nerve palsy and – well you can see where this is going, can’t you?

What if people only develop serious health problems after five years?

The thing is that you really need to test new drugs on lots and lots of people and introduce them slowly before providing them to millions or billions of patients. In the old days a new vaccine could take 15 years to test properly – and even then I wouldn’t consider it properly tested.

But that’s not what they do now.

And there is another problem.

The people in the study have to be between 18-years-old and 55-years-old. And they must satisfy the following criteria. They must be non-smokers, non-users of vape or e cigarettes and non-users of cannabis. They must not have had a flu jab in the previous 8 weeks. They must not have had a covid jab in the 4 weeks previously. They must not be pregnant or breastfeeding and they must either be infertile or use an acceptable form of contraception or practice abstinence. They must be able to speak English. They must not have asthma or any type of chronic pulmonary disease, must not have chronic heart disease, must not have any immune deficiency, must not have any chronic medical condition requiring medical follow up or hospitalisation in the past 5 years, must not be alcoholics or drug abusers, must not have any psychiatric or psychological conditions considered to be a contraindication, must not have known allergy and must not have significant lab values outside normal limits…and so on and so on.

Now what all this means is that the new vaccine is not being tested on any people who have the above conditions or who are outside the age range. This is a phase 1 trial and the people involved in it must satisfy very specific criteria.

What worries me is this: is there going to be a phase 2 trial or is there a danger that the results of this trial could be used to launch the vaccine for mass use?

The tendency these days – as we saw with the covid-19 jab – is to roll out new products very quickly even though the testing might not be considered entirely adequate and even though there might be no long-term testing done at all.

This new vaccine is described as ‘very different than nearly all other vaccines’. But the initial trial will involve just a handful of very carefully selected people. It’s different. Oh goody. It’s like a car with one wheel or a politician who tells the truth or a pig that flies.

If, as a result of this trial, the vaccine is given to 60-year-old smokers with heart disease then no one will know what will happen because 60-year-old smokers with heart disease aren’t in the trial. Pregnant women aren’t in the trial. Nervous 17-year-olds aren’t in the trial. And 75-year-olds with pulmonary disease aren’t in the trial.

And we should remember all this if governments and doctors suddenly jump up and tell us that this brand new type of vaccine has passed its trial and can be given to seven billion people.

Would you like to bet that wouldn’t happen?

I wouldn’t.

There is already talk of giving a new covid vaccine without any tests at all. The rules have changed. Or, rather, there are no rules. We’re in a knife fight with drug companies and doctors. Beware. Take care. Don’t believe what governments say. Warn everyone.