NHS Advertisement for Killer Jab Targets Young Children – Please Complain to ASA!

A Call to Action from UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA)

Please complain to Advertising Standards Authority regarding the NHS poster advertising Covid-19 vaccines for children 5-11 years.

The UK Medical Freedom Alliance is calling on followers and members of the public to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the recent NHS poster advertising Covid-19 vaccines for children aged 5-11 years.

The process for doing this is included below:

Template submission—fill in the ASA form here using the following information:

Type of advert: In a personally addressed mailing
Platform: Other
Name of platform: Direct mailing via schools and posters at school
Brand of product: NHS Covid-19 vaccine advertised directly to 5-11 year olds
Describe your complaint:
– Relating to possible breaches of ASA Rules protecting children 5.1 and 5.2.
– Details and poster images in this article.
– Unethical to advertise a medical intervention/treatment directly to children aged 5-11 years. Use of cartoon action figures, the graphics and the typeface/language chosen are clearly aimed directly at children and not their parents.
Coercive and manipulative to use psychological techniques on children implying they are a superhero to take the Covid vaccine and not a superhero if they don’t. Messaging exploits their credulity, as don’t have the life-experience and maturity to understand this is not to be taken literally.
– Reference to “Superheroes” may lead to children who don’t get the vaccine to believe that they are lacking in courage, duty and loyalty. May also create peer group pressure on an individual child to have the vaccine and potential stigmatisation and bullying of unvaccinated children by vaccinated children.
– The advert is for a medical intervention, yet no mention of potential risks/side-effects of Covid-19 jabs which undermines informed consent and may lead to physical harm. Mounting evidence of known, serious side-effects – myocarditis, clotting disorders, neurological conditions – which appear more common in the young. Long-term health effects are unknown. Children are at almost zero risk from Covid-19, so risks outweigh benefits of vaccines.

We recommend that all submitted complaints demand that this advert is immediately withdrawn.

Many thanks for your continued support

UK Medical Freedom Alliance (https://www.ukmedfreedom.org/)


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