No Farmers No Food

Perspective is important in life, how we choose to look at individual events can shape our outlook on the world.

Some may look to the Netherlands and see farmers blocking highways, threatening to slaughter livestock, and spraying manure around the place and wonder “what’s gone wrong with this world”.

But those farmers are defending their livelihood from bureaucratic overreach by the Dutch government who are imposing absurd policies that would push farmers out of work, out of their family traditions, out of their incomes and force them to mandate their land.

Why? Because the Dutch government decided their cows and soil are causing – you guessed it – climate change.

Despite the decades of failed predictions, unsuccessful modelling, and tired virtue signalling, we’re still being told that drastic action must be taken, that change must happen no matter the cost.

And for the Netherlands, that cost is now the livelihoods of working people.
This is not okay. This is not a rational approach to public policy. This is fearmongering, tyranny and bullying citizens into submission.

So when I see trouble in the Netherlands, I see power hungry elites going too far and ordinary citizens speaking up.

It gives me hope.

It gives me hope that when the climate alarmists in Australia come for Aussie farmers and jobs, we might have the same courage and conviction as the Dutch farmers.
It gives me hope that we may learn, get ahead and stop the Labor-Greens fear induced disaster from wrecking our economy and our livelihoods.

I see a growing movement across the West of freedom-loving people ready to stand up and fight for their beliefs. Ready to push back against globalist elites, politicians and ideologically driven organisations who want to remove our rights by any means necessary.

The brave Dutch farmers have sent a message to those elites. You want to come for our freedom, for our rights, for our livelihoods.

Then get ready for us to push back!

From Alex Antec’s newsletter. Visit his homepage:

Whole World supports the Dutch farmers today: ‘No farmers, no food’ (Truth Spreader/Odysee)

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