No Mask Mandate for MPs – Only for Staff

A reader points out:

On 26th October 2021, the government made it compulsory for all parliament employees to wear masks except MP’s of course. They say they are exempt because they know each other. This proves there is no virus and never was because although they know each other they don’t know everyone else in the street, so they could easily catch the fake virus outside and pass it on in the commons or is it that the virus knows they are an MP, and it passes them by.

Also while you pay the London congestion charge they claim it back on expenses while driving into London in their gas-guzzling cars again proving climate change is a myth and a lie. How much longer are people going to keep swallowing all the garbage they keep coming out with especially that which comes out of the BBC.

The Guardian reports ‘Masks to be mandatory again in Parliament for staff but not MPs’:

Once again, this means: ‘One rule for them and another for us.’

We saw the hypocrisy regarding the wearing of masks throughout last year, when politicians happily gathered without masks, appearing socially distant and masked only for the official photo shooting. Wearing masks is a symbol of subjugation, of slavery. And the “masters” make fun of it.

Hypocritical Orders