No Vaccine Passports! – Together Declaration

No Vaccine Passports

At 3pm on Monday 17 Jan Together Declaration will be at 10 Downing St to deliver their petition with 200,000 signatories including Steve Baker, Tonia Buxton, R W Taylors, Mr Ahmad K Malik, Alan Vibe.

Together Declartion also has another campaign running:

Oppose Vaccine Mandates

On 14 December 2021, a majority of 385 MPs voted to implement legislation requiring all front-line NHS staff to have two doses of the covid-19 vaccine by 1st April 2022, or face losing their jobs. The requirement will also apply to those working in general practice, private hospitals, community services or any other health or care organisation.

This could impact over 100,000 NHS staff. Implementing covid-19 vaccine mandates for NHS front-line staff will significantly impact patient care. NHS staff who have chosen not to have the covid-19 vaccine may be forced to leave their jobs or face dismissal. The NHS is already understaffed, with 100,000 reported vacancies, and this will increase pressure on services. The affected staff, who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, have been hailed as heroes and are now expected to work through another winter before being dismissed on 1 April 2022.

The rights of informed consent and bodily autonomy are fundamental pillars of medical ethics and international human rights law. There must always be the choice to refuse any medical intervention, and no one should ever be coerced.

Read the full campaign text here: