Normalising Mandatory Medication

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News.
Topics in this video:

00:33 – Gladys Berejiklian Resigns – Cash For Cuddles Scandal

09:03 – Vaccine Passports

12:57 – FDA Game Playing

15:26 – Pharmaceutical Drugs Promoted & All Off-Label Products Suppressed

18:55 – Normalising Mandatory Medication

21:46 – The Fusion Doctrine

28:07 – Canada’s Psychological Warfare Against The Canadian Public

29:11 – British Military To Officially Spy On the Population

34:16 – Are The Government Creating Protests To Justify Their Legislation?

48:26 – The Military Needed To Replace 20,000 Unvaccinated Healthcare Professionals In New York and To Drive Tankers In the UK

41:45 – Oil Price Increase

45:24 – YouTube Censorship Of Everything That Questions Authority Including The MSM

54:42 – Interference In The US 2020 Election

01:07:46 – Suddenly Chinese Terror Group Aren’t Terrorists Anymore?

01:12:08 – Conviction of People Who Claim they Tried To Rescue A Child

People cheering – recorded in a bar in western Sydney:

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