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The White Rose UK Business DirectoryThe Government is talking about a Plan B to restrict access of the unvaccinated to certain venues. The Government has been flip-flopping with decisions throughout this manufactured covid crisis, and it is pretty clear that the flip-flopping is intentional to prepare us for what was planned well in advance. What’s next?

Will we soon not be able to enter any public venues without a vaccine passport? Will soon we not be able to buy and sell without a vaccine passport?

Now is the time to get organised and connect! Renowned people such as Dr Mike Yeadon and Bishop Schneider have previously suggested networking with each other.

I think we have to be prepared to be excluded. Perhaps alternative systems can be established: for example, those who are against vaccination can perhaps make a new chain of exchange, the private exchange of products in a smaller manner, with small shops that are not submitted to the pass, or in the open air, or private chains of exchange of produce. I think it is possible to establish this. In France there are large protests against forced vaccination: I think these protests could lead to new mutual systems of buying and selling products that people need because so many people are involved. Hopefully in other places and in other countries such systems of selling products can be created.

(Bishop Schneider)


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