Now Is the Time to STOP the ‘Great Reset’

By John Kline

Have you ever wondered why all governments worldwide acted in lockstep—dishing out experimental gene therapies that they knew do not stop transmission? They told you that they were safe and effective. Ha! Safe and effective experimental drugs …

The sheer cognitive dissonance is astounding. They told you masks work, and that they had no intention of jabbing anyone under 40. Then they jabbed kids and pregnant women, causing a huge increase in stillbirths.

They locked you up and arrested people in parks and beaches, people walking their dogs in the wilderness. The police won’t investigate rape or robbery—but you go out in lockdown or tweet a ‘transphobic’ tweet and hundreds of police appear from nowhere!

They refused to accept negative tests and enforced mandatory uptake on care workers who otherwise would not have complied.

We now have unprecedented excess deaths all over the jabbed world—approx two million. Holland and Germany are closing down farms because of ‘climate change’ whilst burning coal to spite Putin.

You were told if you sit at a table and eat, you were safe from covid, but stand, and you must wear a mask. And we all complied. The time for compliance is over ! You cannot comply your way out of tyranny—tyrannical lockdowns, health passports and coerced jabs.

What else? Missed funerals, folks dying alone in care homes and hospitals, businesses lost, the country bankrupt—and then they go spending billions on supporting the most corrupt country in Europe, full of Nazis, to create more death, stress, and hardship.

The Horrible Great Reset

A few months after covid became world-famous, Klaus Schwab published a book called Covid-19 The Great Reset, and in June 2020 an article appeared on the World Economic’s website entitled Now is the time for a ‘great reset’Of course, this was no coincidence, it was all well planned ahead.

The Great Reset includes everything mentioned in the article above and a lot more. Digitalisation slavery is increasing by the day, but we do not have to comply to the establishment’s plan. In fact, now is the time to stop the Great Reset, because one thing is certain: The Great Reset is anti-human, anti-Christian, anti-future. It’s nothing less than a dark, devilish, dystopian version of life on earth.

The future visions of the World Economic Forum are all wrapped in positive-sounding (empty) expressions. However, behind these terms there’s nothing but destruction. Their plan is constructed to destroy culture, morals, nature, health, and kill off a great part of humanity through tyranny.

We are destined for something far better. Therefore, it is our duty to resist their demonic plans!

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