Hall of Shame II – Lest we Forget…

All of a sudden covid news has disappeared from all mainstream media headlines, and instead the war in Ukraine is being reported everywhere. Do you smell a rat? You’re probably right.

Is the covid-jab injury cover-up starting to crumble and was something needed to distract from the guilt that is gradually surfacing? Are too many people waking up to the fact that the past two years have been the biggest fraud in history?

Now is the time to remember those who were complicit in the crimes committed during this two-year scam. Who promoted the experimental toxic covid jab? Who forced you or your children to wear a useless and harmful mask? Who told you to isolate and test, even though you weren’t ill or a danger to others? Who has fired you from your job, bullied you at your workplace or at uni? Who coerced you to take the jab against your will?

Lest We Forget… name your MP, councillor, CEO, employer, GP, surgery, dentist, child’s school etc. who have been complicit. Send us evidence (letters, emails, photos etc.) if available. It is crucial to remember because to avoid this happening again, we have to know who has caused it—there will be no hiding away!

We will publish a list if enough responses come in, and it will be free for anyone to download and keep for the record. Send your suggestions here: Contact

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