Nuns Receive Hundreds of Prayer Requests for Vaccine Injured

The Mother Superior of London’s Tyburn convent mentioned that in addition to prayer requests regarding post-injection deaths, her convent had received prayer requests “for over a hundred people who have been injured” after the injection. “We have lost count of how many because there are too many.” Reported injuries shared with the sisters included blood clots, incidents of blindness, and even one case of paralysis in a young woman who took the jab in order to keep her job.

She had also told LifeSiteNews that while she saw that people were dying from what she called a “manipulated virus” — including some family members of the convent’s sisters — they were “asked to pray for many more people who have died from the covid-19 vaccines than the virus itself.”

“It is deeply disturbing that instead of a willingness to investigate or even take seriously these concerns I have received instead reprimands, threats, and vilification,” Marilla wrote in yesterday’s statement.

She concluded with an appeal to those who had been killed or injured by the covid jab:

“​​I speak up now for those who have asked our prayers, who are grieving for loved ones who have died shortly after taking the anti-covid injections. I speak up now for the hundreds of people who have asked our prayers for ongoing, painful and serious injury after taking the anti-covid injections. In conscience, I must speak up.”

“Who has the liability for any death or injury resulting from these anti-covid injections? Who is to compensate for all that they have suffered? It is long past the time to speak up for them. They are ignored, they are dismissed, they have no one to turn to. They have turned to us to ask our prayers, and we are praying for them and sacrificing for them,” Marilla wrote.

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