Omicron – The New Variant to Cover Up Vaccine Injuries?

In recent months, politicians were good at knocking out new variants. Recently, the Prime Minister has introduced the latest variant, omicron – an anagram of moronic (probably not a coincidence).

At the same time, covid vaccine injuries are increasing. A shockingly high number of cases involving blood clots, still births, heart inflammation among young people have been reported.

After being presented with twisted facts, false promises and U-turns over the past 19 months by our government, it’s advisors, the mainstream media and various institutions – one could’ve expected a new variant to miraculously turn up – and how convenient to blame all covid vaccine side effects on it!

Just as a side-note: Although omicron was not announced until late November, the SAGE member list mentions Professor Brooke Rogers OBE as a member of a National Leadership Society from the USA called Omicron Delta Kappa (the article was last updated on 12 Nov). Another ‘coincidence’? (SAGE member list:

Of course, this variant is also needed to encourage people to get their booster shot. In an article that reads like a lengthy covid jab advertisement, The Guardian reports the following: Johnson said the government would work to speed up the virus booster programme over the next few weeks and that the central message to everyone was to get vaccinated as soon as possible, and then have the booster when eligible. (View the full article here.)

The article also mentions: Boris Johnson has expressed “absolute confidence” that people will enjoy a better Christmas this year than last, despite reimposing a range of restrictions – including compulsory mask-wearing – to combat the new, highly transmissible Omicron variant of Covid-19. In others words, expect the opposite; Christmas celebrations will be unnecessarily restricted as part of Boris’ psy-op game (the globalist script he’s reciting).

Masks do more harm than good – so why are they still urging people to wear one?

Besides, the  test swabs contain poison and endanger people’s health, and covid test result in a majority of false positives. So, why is our government still telling people to do a test?

YouTube has recently made its dislikes invisible, after it became too obvious that mainstream media videos reporting on covid, had an overwhelming number of dislikes.

Here is a screenshot from below a Sun video entitled ‘LIVE: Boris Johnson holds press conference as Omicron covid-19 variant detected in UK’ from yesterday, 28 November 2021, 22:35. It shows 275 likes as opposed to 1,100 dislikes:

YouTube Has Now Made Dislikes Invisible - No Wonder...

Once again, this whole pandemic theatre only makes sense when you connect the dots and understand, that it was never about our health. There is an unimaginable evil agenda behind this to reduce world population.

Will you comply or resist?