On Fighting Back

By J M

Some tips on fighting back. We can cause disruption to many organizations by contacting them and quoting a section from the ‘discrimination in your rights’.

Indirect discrimination… Putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone, but that put someone with a protected characteristic at an unfair disadvantage, i.e. mental illness, autism and more. You are protected at work, in education, as a consumer, when using a public service, when buying or renting property.

I have used this many times and I get paper bank statements, pay my bills in cash at the bank branch, I get all my utility bills sent in the mail as paper statements, I get my GP appointments over the counter at the surgery, and I am hated by the NHS as I refuse to give them a phone number so all my appointments and results have to be sent in the mail.

This causes them disruption, but it is a way of fighting back. My gas/electric company, which I can’t promote, even send me an addressed envelope to pay by cheque in the mail.

What is happening in our health service? My partner has had excruciating pain in her leg for three days, she went to her GP to get an appointment and was told they no longer do it on site she has to phone, and they will send her a link, yet she does not have a smartphone, and they know this. She was told she would have to complete a form, and they would reply in 48 hours to say if she would get an appointment or not. It could be a blood clot or anything.

Next day she rang them and again was told they would send a link she explained she doesn’t have a smartphone, the receptionist got angry and told her she had other people waiting on the line.

Eventually, she won yet another battle. I stated she had to do a smartphone assessment. We went to her GP yesterday, explained she does not have a smartphone for the third time. They now say ring for an appointment and whoever answers will fill in the form over the phone. WE CAN WIN and we are doing.

Why are people sitting back and seemingly doing nothing to stop all this stupidity, it seems today everyone thinks everyone else has a smartphone we don’t and this is leading to discrimination in many more ways than one. People are being denied treatment, excluded from supermarket savings, excluded from venues simply because they don’t want a smartphone.

We are led to believe it’s for our convenience what people can’t see is each time you use it the government know exactly where you are, when and what time. They know exactly what you spend, what you buy where and when and at what time. They know who you are contacting, where and when. The only way to get your freedom back is to dump your smartphone.

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