Only Tears of Repentance and Words of Truth Can Affect the Course Towards Doom

By Paul Ursell

We need to acknowledge the doom before us engulfing us moment by moment. The other day we heard of a woman in our neighbourhood whose daughter despite appeals took the injection and on the way home from the clinic died in the car in her mother’s arms.

Coma of the Spirit

The most fearful things have happened in Britain and are still happening without general consciousness of the horror and degradation being imposed and suffered. British actors have a substantial part in the whole world evil. Britain is a thoroughly rogue state. We are experiencing a world revelation of evil – evil declaring war on Man and actually on all species and Mother Earth itself.

Children even and young people (like the birds and insects from microwave weaponry) are dropping dead of heart injuries and other organic and whole system failures because of lethal injection – and hardly anyone apparently notices or cares about the murders or for the families bereaved. The Police and public prosecutors have failed to notice or else practice deliberate blindness from cowardice or accidie. The Judiciary and whole estate of Law has failed to meet the challenge to its reason.

A flood of evil has carried away the men of Law as so many dummies and spineless costumes into a sewage reservoir and a bottomless pit. Parliament has been the instrument of evil wielded against the limbs, organs, mind and soul of the People. The People as the masses has consented to the tyranny and allowed even its children to be maimed, retarded, terrorized and murdered.

This is still happening today. The British state national and local has employed all its assets in systematic assault and total war against its own people. The political parties, Parliament – Executive and Legislative – Police and Judiciary, the NHS in all its branches, the BBC and all official Media; celebrities, pop stars, doyens of the Theatre and footballers; schools, colleges and universities; bus and train operators; legions of apparatchiks, your next door neighbours and nearest and dearest have loyally followed the orders of Big Brother and played their part in the Reign of Terror – which is still happening; and will continue to happen in new stages and scenes of outrage unless there is acknowledgement, process of accountability, justice.

Truth and reconciliation. The Rule of Law, the Peace, culture and civilization exist only in so far as we represent them, testify to them and manifest conscience.

There is no one at this juncture who could fail to realize that the Covid pandemic never happened except as a media event and as it were a film projection. Everyone could know there was never any justification in medicine or science for lockdowns, mask wearing, social isolation measures and general vaccinations. Everyone could know that Big Brother has revealed himself as the power behind the British State; that Big Brother has employed all of his well known tactics and procedures to control, terrorize, traumatize and dominate all of us for his nefarious goals. Everyone could know who the team is who represent and act for Big Brother.

Orders have been given for a general slaughter – a slaughter of innocents. The most fiendish weapons ever devised and used are still being used. They include a calculated assault on the reproductive system of both boys and girls to remove their fertility – to sterilize them. The Government has announced its intention to inject even babies with what we understand to be sterilizing agents.

A People that cannot defend its own children has given up being human and can expect only devastation and total incineration. Too few people cared a gram for the children of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine or Yemen when they were being (or are still being) terrorized and exterminated.

Only tears of repentance and words of truth can affect the course towards doom. There is a flood of cleansing tears stored up and as it were frozen inside apparently dead hearts. There are testimonies of truth stored and locked up inside apparently cut throats. There is stored up and repressed fire inside bellies which might burn up the huge fantasy of lies injected into the public mind. In this case at the end of the age – only truth will do and justice must prevail.

There are some people in our midst who may think of themselves (at the moment) as opponents who, if they united, might solve the apparent checkmate engineered against the nation through Electoral Dictatorship.