‘Open Secrets’ – Corona Investigative Committee Session 97 – Nanotechnology in the Vax

Session 97: Open Secrets – audio fixed (Corona Investigative Committee/Odysee):

The Corona Committee was formed by four lawyers. It is conducting an evidence review of the corona crisis and actions.

“Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of the coronavirus response and what the consequences have been and still are for people.” Learn more about the committee: https://corona-ausschuss.de/en/

  • 3:14:00 – Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Investigative Committee interview Attorney Todd Callender about lipid nano particles in the covid-19 vaccine, 5G frequencies, and the spike protein.

Dr. Shelton and Sue Grey – Evidence of Nanotechnology and Graphene Oxide in Covid-19 Injections (mariazeee/Rumble):

Dr Matt Shelton who speaks as a private citizen and not a doctor, and Lawyer Sue Grey from New Zealand joined Zeee Media to show us evidence submitted to them by four separate groups of New Zealand scientists who have examined Pfizer covid-19 injection vials under a microscope.

This evidence has been carefully examined, and shows self-assembling nanotechnology that appears to be forming into micro-computers in as little as fifteen minutes, as well as graphene oxide in the Pfizer vials – a matter that has been dismissed by many Fact Checker organisations.

They have submitted this evidence to police, MP’s and other government officials with zero response. They have asked for people to share this information far and wide so that people stop getting these dangerous injections immediately.

Dr. Matt Shelton: https://nzdsos.com/
Sue Grey: https://suegrey.co.nz/